5 Amazing Tips To Arrange Mehndi At Home

mehndiAre you organizing a Mehndi ceremony at home?

Mehndi is a pre-wedding function usually organized by Bride’s family and it is primarily a women’s function.

Making arrangements in advance can help ensuring that the event goes off smoothly. Here are some tips on what needs to be done.

1-Do you have enough space to accommodate your guest?

The most important thing to arrange a mehndi at home is to make sure you have enough space at home to organize this event. The plus point of arranging an event at home is that you get all home facilities.

2- Prepare a guests list:-

The next step is to prepare a guest list to get an idea of the exact number of guests who will be there for the function. Also your event doesn’t get over crowded.

3- Organize the Caterer:-

The best thing to arrange a mehndi at home is that you can get better quality and quantity of food then you can get in halls. It is important to plan a menu keeping in mind the kind of event and number of guests.

4- Bling Bling!!

Think of a style and theme you want to set for the mehndi. Decorate the place with fresh flowers. And make sure you provide the home with enough lightening as it is a mehndi event.

5- Plan the entertainment:-

Since Dholak and Music is a part of tradition when it comes of celebrating a mehndi event. Make sure you have proper music arrangements and have complete entertainment accessories.

With these tips you can plan ahead to ensure that every thing is perfect and that the bride has a fun day in the company of whom she loves!

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Best menu on Barat for Pakistani Weddings


Have you selected your wedding menu?

Keep reading it will help you.

Dinner or food is one of the most important matters of weddings in Pakistan. How frequently do you see all of the guests sitting after the dinner? How often do you criticize the weddings when the food served wasn’t up to the mark? Hence the point is, Pakistani weddings are known for the food and your wedding reception that is Barat is the day when you want everything to be perfect especially the dinner served.

For variety we often choose different menus for all wedding events. The menu for barat day is usually different from the menu for mehndi; this is because to complement the delicacy and sophistication of the event.

1: Should be perfectly blended:

The menus should be perfectly blended and must have a variety that best suits the need of our Pakistani locals. If you are at a Pakistani wedding reception and you are served prawns and chowmin there is more likely chance that our middle aged group would dislike the food because of the foreign taste. Pakistani weddings are typical in every aspect from traditions and rituals to menu and must be the same to keep our heritage intact.

2: What is perfect barat menu?

When we talk about a perfect menu for this perfect day, we don’t refer to the main course only.

The menu should include raita/salads, desert, cold drinks and tea.  Food in Pakistani weddings can earn the host team a good feedback on the overall function from the guests.

Weddings are usually remembered because of the quality and the variety of the food served.

3: Top Caterers:

In order to find the best caterer in the city for the function you may like to Click Here and take some help to make the decision for the important day.

However, different caterers may serve differently but a lot of care must be taken when deciding about the menu.

4: Some Best Options:

These are some of the typical combinations for Barat menu.

Menu 1: one dish

  • Chicken Pulao
  • Mutton Qorma
  • Nan
  • Raita
  • Salad
  • Kheer/Firni/Zarda

Menu 2

  • Mutton Qorma
  • Chicken Briyani
  • Seekh kabab
  • Nan
  • Raita
  • Salad
  • Gajar halwa/Kheer/kulfa

Menu 3

  • Chicken boti Tikka
  • Seekh Kabab
  • Mutton kunna
  • Bone less Chicken jalferazi
  • Mutton Briyani
  • Nan
  • Raita
  • Salad
  • Gajar halwa/Fruit Trifle

Menu 4

  • Sea food/live full barbeque dishes
  • Chinese rice with one gravy
  • Whole Lamb Roast
  • Mutton jalfarezi
  • Nan
  • Raita
  • Salad
  • Kulfi Faooda/Gulab Jaman
  • Green tea

Menu 5

  • Chicken steam roast
  • Chicken Seekh Kabab
  • Mutton Badami Korma
  • Nargisi Kofta
  • Vegetable Briyani
  • Nan
  • Raita
  • Salad
  • Ice cream/Ras Malai
  • Green Tea

 Well these are some perfect mouth watering Barat menu for Pakistani wedding.

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10 Famous Mithai and Fruit baskets shops for Pakistani weddings

pakistani weddings

If there is Pakistani wedding that is coming up?

Then the celebration will definitely be incomplete without the presence of mithai and fruit baskets.

Every culture has some sort of symbolic practice that goes on to become somewhat of a universal representation. Undoubtedly, at Pakistani weddings this practice comes in the form of mithai baskets.

These sweets decorated in lavishly designed baskets symbolize a strong sense of acceptance and affinity between two or more parties. Mithai itself is such a symbolic representation of celebration that it is distributed even on the simplest of occasions such as a child’s graduation, a member of the family getting a job and even on the birth of a new born baby.

Therefore, it is only understood and widely accepted in our desi communities that at events as significant and monumental as a wedding, mithai would be an integral part of such a celebration.

1: Things to know

pakistani weddings

The mithai or the fruit baskets on your wedding will be a part of the décor so you would want it to look fabulous and taste delicious. Mithai is distributed amongst the guests on mehndi and nikkah and fruit baskets are usually send to each others house therefore, the first step is to know how many guests will be attending the function.

This way you can plan the size and number of mithae and fruit baskets that will be required. For this is the bride’s and the groom’s special day, they want everything to be out of the ordinary and managed properly.

The packaging of the mithae and the fruit basket should fit the theme and style of the wedding thus, ask your designer/planner about the options available and view photos of actual packaging.

Now in designers have many beautiful and unique options for the packings of mihai and fruits especially for Pakistani weddings.

Traditional methai and fruit baskets are still as famous as they were because of their cultural importance.

 Mithai and Fruit baskets shops for Pakistani weddings

2: 10 famous places to buy your Methai and fruit baskets from:

• Nirala

• Gourmet

• Rahat

• Shezan

• Butt Sweets

• Shireen Mehal

• Fazal Sweets

• Fresco Sweets

• Ice land fruits and dry fruits

• Sweet Treats By Z

These are some top fruit and Mithai shops for Pakistani Wedding. Let me know if you want further details on mithai and its packaging.

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10 Most Common Mehndi Accessories for Pakistani Weddings

Are you preparing for Pakistani mehndi function?

Then you must have a copy of following check list with you.

The people of Pakistan give importance to customs and rituals as they are best representative of their culture. Mehndi is purely a traditional ceremony held a day or two before the wedding. Mehndi function is full if colors and lights.

Arranging a Mehndi Function

Although, mehndi function only lasts for a few hours but you have to do a lot of preparations in order to make it the best event. I have made a company list of all the accessories needed for mehndi so that you may check that whether you have used all of them in your mehndi or not.

After catering and floral arrangement, there are following basic items which must be organized and prepared before the event other wise it can create displeasure.

1: Mehndi

The first and the foremost thing which you require for your mehndi function is the mehndi itself as it is being applied on the bride and also on the guests. You may also need mehndi to decorate the thaalis.

2: Dholki

Dholki is the most common musical instrument used in the mehndi function. You have to arrange a dholki at least a week before the wedding. Dholki can easily be taken from the market on rent.

3: Flowers Jewellary

The bride usually wears only the flower jewellary on her mehndi function. These flowers jewellary consists of a flower bracelet, earnings and some flowers for hair. Most of the brides prefer to wear the flower jewellary made from cataract (motia) but you may also select any other flower according to your liking.

The close friends and relatives of bride also wear flower bracelets on the mehndi function.

4: Gift for the Guests/ Give aways

It is an old tradition to give gifts to all the guests of the mehndi functions. These gifts are wrapped up in beautiful packing and mostly given in small baskets or pouches having laces on them.

The gifts may include bangle sets, finger rings, bracelets or flower jewellary or small sweet pouches with nuts and chocolates in it. You may select any gift according to your budget.

5: Dance Floor

Mehndi function is all about music and dance. These things makes the mehndi function more entertaining and enjoyable. Mehndi function is incomplete without a dance floor so you also have to arrange a specific place for performing the dance.

6: Music Arrangement

Music brings life in to the mehndi function. You should arrange a proper music system with high quality speakers and do not forget to get a few DVD’s containing some traditional mehndi songs.

Dholki is generally played by the friends of bride but you also have to hire a dhol beater as he is the one that can totally change the environment.

7: Thaalis with Candles

The thaalis have mehndi on them along with the lightening candle. You may arrange thaalis according to the number of girls who will be carrying them. Generally, the close friends, sisters and cousins of the bride carry thaalis.

Apart from small thaalis, you also have to arrange one big thaal that will be carried by the leading girl. The big thaal is more decorated as compared to the thaalis. Thaalis are easily available in the market.

8: A Colorful Dupatta/frame

Most of the brides make their entrance under a colorful and bright dupatta so you may also arrange a dupatta for a good entry.
Now a days designers have changed it in many other beautiful frames, made of fabric, metal with different beautiful carved designs and shapes.

9: Dandiya Sticks

The friends and relatives of the bride love to perform dandiya dance on the mehndi function. This dance is done by moving dandiya(sticks) on different direction. You have to arrange dandiya sticks for this dance.

10: Disposable Plates for Flower Petals

The young girls welcome the guests by falling flower petals on them so you must arrange disposable petals along with the flowers.

These are some of the most common accessories that must be present in the mehndi function. If you know about any other special thing then feel free to share.

Do Share your mehndi memories with us!!!!!!


5 Top Themes for Pakistani Wedding and Mehndi Decor

Are you searching for Pakistani wedding and mehndi thematic décor?

Have a look then…..

Weddings have now become a fashion statement. The brides and grooms use different means to show their individuality to the others. Previously, there was no concept of thematic wedding but now people are daring enough to use innovative ideas in various functions of the wedding.

Top Thematic Wedding and Mehndi Décor

People use various themes for wedding and mehndi décor according to their liking, imagination and preference. Thematic wedding and mehndi décor enables you to arrange your dream wedding. Following are some of the famous themes for Pakistani wedding and mehndi décor.

1: Rose Theme / REDS

This background is best for those who want to give a romantic touch to their wedding. In this theme, you may use fresh red color to decorate your stage. You can use this red color with other complementary colors such as soft shades of pink, red or blue.

You may decorate the guests table by adding water in clear glass bowels and then sprinkling the rose petals in it. You may also add some rose shaped floating candles in to the water. Rose bouquets will also be used in this theme to add more style.

Wedding designers use many creative thematic ideas for stage and table/chair décor.

2: Village Theme

Most of the people prefer to arrange their wedding in the more traditional way, which has its own authentic look. Village theme is one of the most popular mehndi themes.

One can merge village setup with the event requirements by using traditional village seating setup, clay pots, painted floors, dazzling hangings. Designers use specific colors and, reception stage décor for this theme.

3: White Fairy Theme/ Twilight theme

This theme is made for the walima décor specially. As many people like more elegant and dreamy look. And now many brides also prefer to wear white on walima.

Fluffy white feathers, cute cherubs, Grecian columns and urns, and of course, fairy wings are some of the accessories that can be used to bring life to this theme.

White with the combination of gold accents and a soft ivory or silver color with lilac and white accents give elegant look.

White rose and motia is used by designers in this theme, these flowers are expensive but create best and beautiful look all over.

4: Mughal/ Taj Mahal theme/Devdas theme

Mughal themes are also very popular among for Pakistani weddings and mehndi. These are traditional yet luxurious too as the concept depicts from Mughal dynasty so the Taj Mahal or Qila setups give very huge and lavishness look to the function.

The use of Shahi Takht (couches) with glass work and Gao pillows give it more authentic look. There is a massive use of floral arrangement in these setups.

Although designers give this look to catering setup and food too by useing Shahi dishes and darbaar uniform for waiters.

Many people make it more stylish by using long curtains, large vases and a long walk way to give it a hot favourite Devdas look. Here is my advice to hire wedding planner for make it best for you.

5: Moroccan/Arabic Theme

This theme is also one of the luxurious themes for Pakistani wedding. Every one knows that Arabic style is more decorative with use of many decorative accessories. It gives crowded but amazing look. It all depends how you use the ideas.

Low heighted seating’s, metal trays and table tops, large vases and decoration pieces for centre pieces, Heavy chandeliers and canopies styles are the best part of this décor. This theme involves the use of an efficient lighting system consisting of lights of many beautiful colors.

Wedding planners can help you in getting the Moroccan or Arabic atmosphere in your wedding as it’s a tough duty to arrange thematic setup.

Other famous themes:

Well, there are many other unique ideas and themes for Pakistani weddings and mehndi décor, like, country side theme, musical theme, galaxy theme, floral/butterfly theme, candel light theme, Peacock theme etc.

Have fun generating unique ideas and do not forget to share your favorite wedding theme with us……

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