Bridal Shower Essentials

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Bridal Shower

The bridal shower is an event that is celebrated in honor of the bride-to-be who is soon going to enter a new married life. It is either planned by the bride herself or one of the close friends of the bride. The guests are mainly all the female friends and family members of the bride.

The first step is to decide a theme for the party. It may be a simple color coded theme or character or movie based. Before you decide on that, make sure you know what the bride wants. If it’s a surprise, the bride should hint the prospect planners of her bridal shower. The second important part to decide is the dress code for the bride as well as the attendees.

Once it’s done, keep reading to know the list of bridal shower must-haves.

  1. Fun Accessories and Props

The occasion is supposed to be fun. Make funny props and accessories like bold red lips, spectacles or crown that you can use to pose for photos. You may also make funny quotes like ‘I’m single’, ‘I’m next’ or ‘I’m here for the food’.

  2. Food

Try to keep it at an evening time and decide the menu accordingly. Put exquisite snacks and tasty drinks that are handy and on-the-go. Of course, don’t forget a bride themed cake and cupcakes.

  3. Gift for the Bride

It’s dedicated to the bride which means she should also get gifts. Do arrange nice and memorable gifts for her that she will cherish for a lifetime.

  4. Photobooth

Every event is incomplete without pictures because these pictures will always stay with you for the memories. Make a simple photobooth yourself with your friends and place it at the venue. This will increase engagement and make the event happening.

   5. Souvenirs for the Guests

Make a small and easy on the pocket gift bag for the guests and hand them before they leave. Add inexpensive items that are pleasing.

Now, mark the calendar, make a guest list and send out invitations and make the bride feel special.

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