How to Plan Traditional Mehndi on a Budget

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Wedding is a joyous occasion for the entire family as even all the preliminary functions before the wedding is celebrated with fanfare. The traditional mehndi function never fails to bring delight to the family of the bride as well as the groom.

Celebrated two days before the wedding, traditional mehndi function is considered an important ceremony, as it is also a decorative function that sparkles with the festive mood.

But if you are trying to know how to plan traditional mehndi function on budget, here are some pointers that would help you plan in the right manner to meet your budget.

Getting hosted at the bride’s place, the main feature of the mehndi function is the application of henna to the hands of the bride, which is done by many married woman. In case if you are choosing to make use of professional mehndi artists, your budget levels will have to be considered before hiring their services.

Most importantly, the place where the mehndi function is held gets decorated gorgeously. The decoration takes place through various beautiful lighting sets as well as flowers among the other items that enhances the festive atmosphere of the place.

While you are looking to get the place decorated through various means, or even opting to make use of services of establishments for decorating the place, your budget levels should be thought before hiring the services.

As the function brings out the joyous occasion on the part of the bride and the groom’s families, elaborate musical as well as acting performances become a part of the mehndi celebrations. In case of making preparations for the musical performances, various aspects will have to be considered.

The essential features required will have to be sorted out, and the cost of the items needed for the musical performances will also have to be considered.

As a bride, you would be eager to select the best traditional henna design that will grace your hand and feet. The mehndi designs come in various forms that include kalash, peacock, leaves, flowers and conch-shells and there are many mehndi artists who apply these designs in the most beautiful fashion.

If you are keen to make use of the services of mehndi artists, you should be aware that the rates charged by the mehndi artists depends mainly upon the traditional mehndi designs, and for special occasions like mehndi functions, they charge you more. Make sure to select the design and the mehndi artist as in a way that the cost of hiring the services falls well within your budget.

 Also, mehndi function as of today has undergone great changes, as men are also invited, and applying henna is not only limited to the bride as henna is applied even to the guests invited for the ceremony. In case of hiring the services of a mehndi artist, you should pick the one who charges you well within your budget level.

Mehndi function is a wonderful occasion that sets the delightful mood for the marriage. If you are keen to know how to plan a traditional mehndi function on a function, make note of all the requirements for the function as well as the cost associated with it. By using various mediums, you can hire the services of the needed vendors who provide services well within your budget.

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