5 Amazing Tips To Arrange Mehndi At Home

mehndiAre you organizing a Mehndi ceremony at home?

Mehndi is a pre-wedding function usually organized by Bride’s family and it is primarily a women’s function.

Making arrangements in advance can help ensuring that the event goes off smoothly. Here are some tips on what needs to be done.

1-Do you have enough space to accommodate your guest?

The most important thing to arrange a mehndi at home is to make sure you have enough space at home to organize this event. The plus point of arranging an event at home is that you get all home facilities.

2- Prepare a guests list:-

The next step is to prepare a guest list to get an idea of the exact number of guests who will be there for the function. Also your event doesn’t get over crowded.

3- Organize the Caterer:-

The best thing to arrange a mehndi at home is that you can get better quality and quantity of food then you can get in halls. It is important to plan a menu keeping in mind the kind of event and number of guests.

4- Bling Bling!!

Think of a style and theme you want to set for the mehndi. Decorate the place with fresh flowers. And make sure you provide the home with enough lightening as it is a mehndi event.

5- Plan the entertainment:-

Since Dholak and Music is a part of tradition when it comes of celebrating a mehndi event. Make sure you have proper music arrangements and have complete entertainment accessories.

With these tips you can plan ahead to ensure that every thing is perfect and that the bride has a fun day in the company of whom she loves!

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pakistani wedding

Do you want to make your wedding event awesome?

Have a look to make it easy and superb.

Pakistani wedding is considered of three to four colorful events. An event becomes perfect only with good coordination and arrangements.

A successful event is not always simply the mix of guests or the food or the entertainment but the right combination of many elements. Here is a list of tips to help you make your event a winning event.

1- Start With A Checklist:-

List all the elements of your event.

  • Food / Catering
  • Venue
  • Entertainment
  • Invitations
  • Guest lists
  • Parking
  • Security
  • Decorations
  • Giveaways etc.

2- Plan Your Budget:-

Planning your budget is very important because you should know how much you can and how much you want to spend. Estimate the number of guests you want to accommodate to ensure the quantity of food, rental equipments, giveaways and other items.

3-Choose Your Venue:-

Many locations and halls require reservations in advance at least couple of months before the event. Make sure your venue is large enough to accommodate your guests.

4-Select a Theme:-

It is very easy to select theme for Pakistani wedding as we can play with many colors and ideas. Pick a theme to make your event stand out but it should be according to the season.

You can pick beautiful color themes to add magic in your event. An event designer can help you do that!

5- Have A Back-up Plan:-

Have a list of possible alternative in the unlikely conditions. Be prepared for the unexpected such as bad weather, medical emergencies, problem with audio-visual equipments etc.

Planning a successful event is a great deal of work. On the day of the event go through your checklist and make sure all the things are in order before the guests arrive.

Pakistani wedding events are not very easy to handle but you can get your dream event by following above given tips.

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Top 5 Colour Combinations For Pakistani Bridal Dresses

Are you deciding colours for your wedding dress?

Stop worrying and have a look!

Wedding day is one of the craving and exciting occasion for which a woman desires to have the best bridal dress and jewellery to add more charm and glamour in her beauty.

Brides are choosier and conscious for selecting their outfits because they know they are going to be the spotlight personality.

The preparation for Pakistani Bridal dresses starts many months prior to the wedding. Well, there are few hot colour combinations are listed below to help you.

Top 5 Bridal colour combinations for Barat and Walima

1- Play With Red:-

Nowadays there is no specific bridal colour as woman have become more experimental with there dresses but red still remains an all time favourite colour.

To make your Red Bridal dress looks elegant, trendy and at the same time traditional don’t hesitate on trying different colour combos with it! It can be a classy bottle green with red, or a glittery gold with cream and red or to make it more attractive combo maroon with blue!

2- Pretty Pink:-

Pink is girl’s one of the favourite colour. When it comes of selecting bridal dresses pink can again be your best friend.

Hot pinks with Cream or Off-white is today’s one of the best combinations which gives elegant as well as classy touch at the same time. This beautiful combination would be best for engagement ceremony.

3- Shades Of Royal:-

Bride pays alot of attention to their wedding dress especially the colour that makes the most difference.

Long Flowing frocks in shades of blues, turquoise and purples with semi precious stones and classy, stitched in angrakha style reminds us of Royal princesses and luxurious aesthetics of Mughal Era.

4- Shine Like A Star:-

Just like a gold and bronze, Silver is also most appealing colour used in Pakistani Bridal dresses.

A heavily worked dress in greys and silvers give a charming and a soothing look to the bride. A grey with silver or a white with silver both gives a sophisticated look. Silver can even easily be squeezed with other colour combinations whether its beige or plum.

5- Pastels all along:-

And of course! We cannot forget about the pastel shades when we are talking about bridal dresses and its best combinations.

Colours Like pastel are never out of fashion. Brides prefer to wear a light shaded elegant dress especially for Walima event. Weather its pastel or pistachio green with contrast or pastel shades of blues and peach are always appealing.

Hope it will help you in deciding best colour combination for your Pakistani bridal dress.

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Wedding invitation cards for Pakistani weddings

Are you looking for some ideas for wedding invitations?

pakistani weddings

Have a look.

Wedding card is not only a material of invitations but in our culture it is a sign of joy and marriage happiness.

Selecting a wedding card for Pakistani weddings is as important as wedding it self.

As we have a tradition of inviting many relatives, family friends, friends & neighbors from out side the city and country, that is compulsory to let them know the details so a large gathering is called to join the festivities.

Wedding invitation cards is critical to wedding planning process. This makes it imperative that all of the necessary information is conveyed to the guests. The information included must be enough for the guidance of the guests that they might need to make plans to attend the wedding.

1: What does it include?

pakistani weddings invitation cards

This includes the date, time, and location of the ceremony. Proper address should be given and full names of bride and the groom should be mentioned to avoid any confusion for the distant relatives and family friends.

Invitation card should also include host family main male members’ names and phone numbers so that they can be contacted incase of any misunderstanding.

Hence, the design of the invitation cards for the weddings requires a great a deal of time and effort. Bride and groom want everything perfect for their wedding and invitation cards are the first step to it.

2: What is Theme based cards?

weddings in pakistan

Our Pakistani weddings are slowly evolving and coming up with innovative ideas. Pakistani weddings aren’t the same old traditional ones now. Needless to say, wedding invitation card is in keeping with those themes.

For instance, a scroll invitation card may be designed for a royal based theme.

So people that are preparing for thematic wedding décor, they start their work with invitation cards. Themed base invitation depicts the whole function atmosphere and theme of course.

3: Traditional wedding invitation card

traditional wedding invitation cards

When it comes to wedding, most of the brides still want it be in a conventional way when they wear their mommy’s bridal dress and exhibit a full cultural heritage.

Invitation cards are therefore designed keeping with the sentiments of traditional values and standards. A lot of emphasis is laid on the color and embroidery of the card.

Then we have many more traditionally designed cards for weddings and Mehndi invitations. That contains customary colors like reds, greens, golden and off white.

Still majority people prefer and chose these cards as they look good & sophisticated.

4: Styles of cards:

pakistani weddings

There are now many styles are offered by the designers, that includes

1: Box style

2: Net or kroshea

3: Mughal style

4: Classic Styles

5: Hand made invitations

Invitation cards for Pakistani Weddings must be chosen carefully. Different designs and colors may be compared to come up with the best one.
Different samples are readily available on the internet and with printing press. You may consult your friends and relatives to know about the best shop to design your invitation card.

However, the design is not sufficient, it is essential to ensure that the card is well written and drafted.

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Party make up for brides’ friends & Family for weddings in Pakistan

weddings in pakistan

Are you preparing for some wedding?

Have a look….

To look perfect is every one’s choice. Selection of fine makeup or good makeup artist is so important.

For weddings in Pakistan all of the close relatives and the immediate family pay a lot of attention to wardrobe and their appearance for they stay at the forefront to deal with the rituals of the wedding and make the day special for the bride and the groom.

Weddings in Pakistan are reason for the ladies to dress up and showcase their sense of style and fashion. Emphasis is not only laid on the apparels they wear but their make ups and hairstyles are of great importance too. They are as much concerned as the bride to find the best party makeup artist for the wedding.

There are few points to be considered.


pakistani bridal

If you are talented enough, you might chose to do your makeup yourself because no one else would understand your skin better than your own self. You would know what colors would suit your complexion, which base will settle and what type of contouring will shape your cheekbones. But if you are not makeup literate than going to a makeup artist would be a wise decision.


pakistani bridal make up artists

Now if you are getting your makeup done by an artist it’s your wish to call up a mobile or freelance artist who would come directly to your place on the wedding day or you can make an appointment and go to a salon. Now when you have decided, you must assure if the hired artist is capable of making hair styles too if not than getting an appointment for salon is a better option for they have skilled workers to accommodate your requirements.


If you are unable to make a decision because you don’t want to experiment on the wedding day than consulting your friends and colleagues would be recommended. You may visit different websites and look for portfolios and sample pictures of their party make ups.

There are many make over options for weddings in Pakistan so’ shortlist your favorite ones and then choose the one which you think is the best.


pakistani bridals

As the list is too long so I have short listed just few make up artists to help you people look perfect.

1: Babloo
2: Sabs
3: Madiha’s
4: Maram & Abroo
5: Hifsa Saad Khan at Glo
6: Mariam’s Bridal Saloon by Mariam Khawaja
7: Allenora
8: Depilex
9: Tariq Amin
10: New look

Makeup holds a lot of importance for weddings in Pakistan; it makes you feel confident about yourself and enlightens the beauty. You want to look pretty in person as well as in pictures so you need to find the best party makeup artist.

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