Latest Pakistani Bridal Dresses in 2017

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Each new year brings new fashion and trends in Pakistan. Similarly, this year brings latest Pakistani bridal dresses that best meet the customers’ desires and requirements. Some of the bridal shows have been arranged such as the well-known Bridal Couture Weeks in which designers showcase their new bridal collection for those who are waiting for latest trends to make their special day more astonishing and enlightened.

Gowns and long shirts are greatly liked by the brides. In Pakistan, the bridal dresses and colors are selected according to the events such as Mayon and Mehndi dresses are mostly consisted of vibrant colors. Brides are giving the concern to make multi colors dress or other than typical yellow or green Mehndi and Mayon dress. Red, purple, pink, orange and even light color combinations are also liked and adopted by the girls.

Other than brides, all the cousins and friends of the brides and grooms also emphasize to wear modish and perky colors to make the Mayon and Mehndi function more jovial and exultant for everyone.

Similarly, for Barat, the trend of latest Pakistani bridal dresses has completely changed. Brides are no more interested in particular red color, however, they are more prone to experiment new color combinations for Barat. Golden, purple, orange, green, plum, pink and skin are the main colors that bridals choose to wear for Barat. Bridals are the main focal point in all the events; therefore, their dresses should be more exquisite and gorgeous that people cannot forget them for several days. The latest Pakistani bridal dresses catalogs of different designers help immensely to the brides that they can easily carry different colors to make their special event the most memorable one.


Right after the Barat, the walima dress counts a lot. In this regard, brides mostly like to wear light color dresses to give a break and to bring a soothing effect for them and for the guests. Mehndi and Barat both events require bold colors, therefore, Walima is the event in which brides can easily carry light colors and it looks more eye-catching instead of wearing any dark or loud color. One color dresses or a combination both are in the fashion as the latest Pakistani brides dresses.

For Walima, light baby pink, pistachio, steel gray, move, dull golden, white and sea green and peach are the most suitable colors for the brides.

A wedding is the most important event in every girl’s life, so it is necessary to make it special. Latest Pakistani wedding dresses play an important role to make your wedding more gracious and remarkable with beautiful bridal dresses colors.

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