10 Best Caterers For Pakistani Weddings

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pakistani weddings

Are you planning to arrange out door wedding event?

I know selecting good caterer is a big and major issue of out door wedding events as our whole function depends on it.

Pakistani weddings are famous for not only their elaborated ceremonies but for the food. In Pakistan, different regions prefer eating different cuisines hence an interesting menu can get the host family rave reviews from the guests.

A delightful menu, tasty food and top-notch catering services can lead to a marvelous wedding. Weddings in Pakistan are actually recalled by the food that was served, thereby an unprofessional caterers and bland food would leave a really bad impression.

This calls for finding a perfect caterer for the Pakistani Wedding.


weddings in pakistan

Following are the useful points that should be considered when hiring a caterer for a Wedding in Pakistan.

• Search the market and look for vendors that provide reliable catering service.

• List them doing according to the preferences. You may take help from your friends and relatives who have worked with caterers.

• Find their packages and cost and make comparisons.

• The information that you should collect about your selected caterer must include:

  1. Number of packages
  2. Variety of dishes offered in one package
  3. Cost of package per head
  4. Complementary items
  5. Food quality

• After all the information is collected and comparisons have made, find out which caterer suits you best.

• Be sure to schedule a testing, it’s both necessary and fun!

• Inquire about what linens, seating, tent (dera), lighting your caterer will provide.

• Once satisfied, put up a meeting and decide on a final package.

• Hire the caterer and let them now take all the responsibilities under a little of your or your wedding planner supervision to make sure that everything is according to the requirement.

This prevents last minute hassles.


wedding in pakistan

These steps would help you hiring a perfect caterer to make your wedding a memorable one. Indoor and outdoor catering services are readily available in Pakistan.

Below is the list of 10 best and famous caterers for Pakistani weddings, these all are available in different cities. But there are many more excellent and caterers available in the market but I can not mention all of them.

1. Nadeem Caterers

2. Butt’s caterers

3. Sohail Caterers

4. Hanif Rajput

5. Nizam’s Caterers

6. Time & Taste Caterers

7. Dean’s Caterers

8. Azeem Caterers

9. La Rosh Caterers

10. Gourmet Caterers

pakistani wedding caterers

Weddings in Pakistan is all about food and décor, you must make a right decision before hiring a caterer. The steps might help you in finding a caterer that best suits your needs.

What’s the point of a Pakistani wedding if it doesn’t offer a variety of food items to choose from?

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