10 Most Common Mehndi Accessories for Pakistani Weddings

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Are you preparing for Pakistani mehndi function?

Then you must have a copy of following check list with you.

The people of Pakistan give importance to customs and rituals as they are best representative of their culture. Mehndi is purely a traditional ceremony held a day or two before the wedding. Mehndi function is full if colors and lights.

Arranging a Mehndi Function

Although, mehndi function only lasts for a few hours but you have to do a lot of preparations in order to make it the best event. I have made a company list of all the accessories needed for mehndi so that you may check that whether you have used all of them in your mehndi or not.

After catering and floral arrangement, there are following basic items which must be organized and prepared before the event other wise it can create displeasure.

1: Mehndi

The first and the foremost thing which you require for your mehndi function is the mehndi itself as it is being applied on the bride and also on the guests. You may also need mehndi to decorate the thaalis.

2: Dholki

Dholki is the most common musical instrument used in the mehndi function. You have to arrange a dholki at least a week before the wedding. Dholki can easily be taken from the market on rent.

3: Flowers Jewellary

The bride usually wears only the flower jewellary on her mehndi function. These flowers jewellary consists of a flower bracelet, earnings and some flowers for hair. Most of the brides prefer to wear the flower jewellary made from cataract (motia) but you may also select any other flower according to your liking.

The close friends and relatives of bride also wear flower bracelets on the mehndi function.

4: Gift for the Guests/ Give aways

It is an old tradition to give gifts to all the guests of the mehndi functions. These gifts are wrapped up in beautiful packing and mostly given in small baskets or pouches having laces on them.

The gifts may include bangle sets, finger rings, bracelets or flower jewellary or small sweet pouches with nuts and chocolates in it. You may select any gift according to your budget.

5: Dance Floor

Mehndi function is all about music and dance. These things makes the mehndi function more entertaining and enjoyable. Mehndi function is incomplete without a dance floor so you also have to arrange a specific place for performing the dance.

6: Music Arrangement

Music brings life in to the mehndi function. You should arrange a proper music system with high quality speakers and do not forget to get a few DVD’s containing some traditional mehndi songs.

Dholki is generally played by the friends of bride but you also have to hire a dhol beater as he is the one that can totally change the environment.

7: Thaalis with Candles

The thaalis have mehndi on them along with the lightening candle. You may arrange thaalis according to the number of girls who will be carrying them. Generally, the close friends, sisters and cousins of the bride carry thaalis.

Apart from small thaalis, you also have to arrange one big thaal that will be carried by the leading girl. The big thaal is more decorated as compared to the thaalis. Thaalis are easily available in the market.

8: A Colorful Dupatta/frame

Most of the brides make their entrance under a colorful and bright dupatta so you may also arrange a dupatta for a good entry.
Now a days designers have changed it in many other beautiful frames, made of fabric, metal with different beautiful carved designs and shapes.

9: Dandiya Sticks

The friends and relatives of the bride love to perform dandiya dance on the mehndi function. This dance is done by moving dandiya(sticks) on different direction. You have to arrange dandiya sticks for this dance.

10: Disposable Plates for Flower Petals

The young girls welcome the guests by falling flower petals on them so you must arrange disposable petals along with the flowers.

These are some of the most common accessories that must be present in the mehndi function. If you know about any other special thing then feel free to share.

Do Share your mehndi memories with us!!!!!!


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  1. Nur Ul Ain Shuja says

    love mehndiii n mehndi function decorations…. esp the thaalis and jewellery…. mehndi is my fav part of all the wedding celebrations!!

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      Thank you Nur for the lovely comment…as usual
      You can share your experiences with us…

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