10 Things A Pakistani Bridal Should Have in Her Makeup Bag

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The bride - with the bag of blessings

When a girl is getting married, she doesn’t know what to buy and what not to. She is so excited about her wedding, that she sometimes ends up buying a lot of things.

Whether it be dresses, shoes, bags or makeup. A Pakistani bridal wants to look all perfect on her big day and also after that. Most of the girls realize afterwards that, they have shopped a lot in order to make things perfect. But, it’s her BIG DAY!

Some girls gets confused on what to buy and fill their makeup bags with. Sometimes they buy things which are of no use later on. 10 basic things which a starter, as well as that bride, which is new to makeup should have in her makeup bag.

1. Foundation. ( I would prefer Liquid)

2. Face / Loose Powder.

3. Concealer.

4. Blush on palette.

5. Eye shadow palette.

6. Kajal.

7. Eye liner.

8. Mascara.

9. Brush set.

10. Lipsticks.

Now, you would be thinking I have added everything in this list. But no, I haven’t. There are most of the things which are still left. But these are the basic things to keep in the makeup bag for a bride who is new into makeup as most of the girls are not much into makeup, but they have to do after getting married.

For those who will carry on with the makeup for long, they can buy blush and eye shadow palettes. But, for those who will use just after getting married, because they have to look like a newly bride. They can buy single eye shadows with basic colors like Gold, Bronze, Greyish silver, Blacks.

I think these four colors would work. But you can add Forest green color and a blue color too. For blushes, if you are fair than more toward pinks and peaches. If you are wheatish than more toward light browns, plums and corals. If you are dark than more toward browns.

For those who will carry on, palettes are the best and they will stay longer and will help you create different looks. Always check and buy, don’t go for low cost product just because they are giving a lot in low cost. Because low cost products disappears very quickly, they will be of no use. This is one time investment and you will look pretty for years

I would prefer liquid foundations because, they are easy to blend and they give a perfect flawless skin. Again, a good company as it’s all about your skin and looking pretty. Don’t run for higher end. Think before you buy, check many brands before you buy.

Concealer is necessary if you have un-even skin tone or dark circles or redness. If you have extra amazing skin, replace it with a eye shadow base or primer.

Brushes play and essential part in the whole makeup kit. If you don’t have brushes or good quality ones, there will be something still missing on your face. Every single brush have their own role to play. So, buy a kit which has blush brush, foundation brush, eye lid brush, lip brush, blending brush and some more.

Choose lip colors according to your taste and fashion and what suits you. Mascara, eye liner and kajal plays important role. They make your eyes look prominent and beautiful.

I hope these tips would be helpful for Pakistani bridals . If you have any queries, feel free to ask. You can join my blog and see different brands and reviews on them. These were the 10 things a bride SHOULD have in her makeup bag.

Photo credit: Ashish Guatamm


  1. Farkhanda Hameed says

    Yes of course, a bride is confused regarding what should be in her purse on the BIG DAY, and these 10 are a must have. It was an awesome article. I would stay tuned for more.

    • Rabiyah says

      Thank you Farkhanda, you can visit my blog and get to know much more regarding Beauty :)

  2. Amna Kaardar says

    whenever we open the weddingpakistani.com i m sure something coool would be there to thrill us and this time with a unique idea for the brides made it really informational and helpful to save money and get full of everything which is needed, thanks weddingpakistani team

    • Rabiyah says

      Thank you for liking my article :)

  3. Saleh Manzoor says

    Wow its really amazing we always spent alot but gets nothing at the end of the still missing somthing, but after ready this article i don’t think so i m gonna spend huge amounts and gonna miss anything on my wedding day….saved for the good time. thanks Rabiyah and thanks WeddingPakistani.com

    • Rabiyah says

      I am happy that my post helped you :) You can follow my blog and see much more regarding beauty :)

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