traditional shadi songs

Have you ever seen any traditional Pakistani wedding?

If not, then you have missed many things. Unlike the European weddings, the Asian weddings are full of music, songs and dance.

Music is the most important part of our traditional weddings. There are large number of shadi songs that are being sung by the friends and relatives of bride as well as groom throughout different wedding functions such as mehndi, baraat and walima. Well this is not our religious custom but people arrange it just for fun.

These shadi songs are usually popular due to their extraordinary poetry. The shadi songs are sung along with various musical instruments such as dholki and shehnai.

Dholki is more common in Pakistan. It has a melodious music and girls from both sides (bride &B groom) use dholak (musical instrument like drum) while singing shadi songs at least a week before wedding. They sing solo songs and movies songs with dholki.


Mehndi is a traditional event held a day before marriage. It is held at the night in which the mehndi applied on arms, hands and feet of the bride. Meanwhile the mehndi songs are also sung by the relatives and friends of the bride and dances are also prepared by many close girls and boys of the family.

Same thing happens at the groom’s place. His friends and cousins dance and sing whole night.

Following are the most popular Urdu songs for mahndi.

1: Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna
2: Zara dholki bajao goriyo
3: Mehndi rache gea tere haath
4: Mehndi ke ye raat
5: Meray Nehar Say aaj Mujhay AAya”
6: Bano tere akhian suramy daani

There are many more traditional songs (thappay) and other old songs of our parents and grand parents time are also famous in mehndi and dholki functions and they also took part in singing the songs.

Now a day’s many families also hire professional musicians to arrange concerts on mehndi nights. As our people are fun loving and that makes the mehndi event more joyful by different songs and dances.


On the wedding day, the relatives and friends of groom sing the shadi songs while going to take the bride.

The friends of bride also sing some sad songs saying goodbye to their beloved friend.

Following are some of the shadi songs sung by the brides and the groom’s relatives on baraat and rukhsati.

7: Le Jayenge Le Jayenge
8:Teray gher aaya
9: Yeh Galiyan Yeh Chaubara
10: Dhol Bajay Dhol BAjay

There is a vast variety and range of wedding songs for Mehndi and Barat functions. Close relatives love to dance and sing on Pakistani weddings.

Can you add more songs to this list? I know you also love dancing & singing……..

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  1. Baya says:

    yes we love dancing & singing on weddings… and there are thousands of songs perfect for mehndi and barat

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks Baya…. You are right there are many songs for Pakistani weddings. which song you like the most?

  2. Rida says:

    i like it… But i dont know much about traditional pakistani songs

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you Rida. Traditional wedding songs are the real part of Pakistani weddings. Listen above given songs and dont forget to attaend Pakistani Mehndi. you will love it.
      What kind of songs you like on weddings for singing and dancing?

  3. Nur Ul Ain Shuja says:

    lathay di chadar <3
    mehndi hai rachnay wali <3

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you so much Nur… Good choice and these songs also go well with Dholak.

  4. Sanya says:

    i would like to know if you know the songs “piso piso re sakhi…” , ” Chandan mein aayo miyaan banrae…”