4 STEPS for Making Pakistani Weddings More Attractive and Memorable

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Are you getting bored with the traditional Pakistani weddings then why don’t you add something new to it? Apart from wedding arrangement, the looks of bride and groom also play an important role in making the wedding more beautiful.

Following are some of the tips that may help you to make Pakistani wedding traditional yet more attractive and fascinating.

1. Choose Different Colors for Your Dresses

The main thing which is although good but sometimes makes us boring is the use of only a few selective colors in mahndi, barat and waleema dresses. You may do changes in the color combination in order to look unique and more beautiful. Here are some suggestions.

  • Use various other colors such as light blue, dark green, orange etc instead of just yellow in your mahndi dress.
  • Try to select any other color apart from red in your barat as now it has become too common that every single bride wears red color. You may go for golden shades, brown shades and pink shades.
  • It’s not compulsory to use lahnga on first day; you may use any other dress such as a frock or gharara.
  • Instead of using heavily embroided dress, you may select any light yet attractive design.

In the same way, the groom may also do alterations in his clothing such as have a traditional kurta shalwar on mahndi, sherwani on the wedding day and dress coat on the walima function.

2. Start Focusing on Your Looks At Least A Month Before Marriage

I have personally seen various brides who keep on going to their jobs even a week before their marriage. Always remember that marriage happens only once in life so you have to enjoy each minute of it.

It’s better to start taking care of your skin particularly face, hands, foot etc a month before marriage. You may do the following.

  • Use uptan on regular basis as it is completely natural and gives extraordinary results.
  • Contact your beautician and keep visiting him or her after regular intervals.
  • If you have pimples etc on your skin then immediately consult your skin doctor.
  • Do cleansing on daily basis as it just takes a few minutes but gives excellent results.
  • Complete your sleep as it also makes you look fresh and removes dark circles around the eyes.
  • Eat healthy food free from high calories.
  • If you are overweight then you must join gym.

Do remember that all these things also apply on the groom as it is his wedding as well. The groom should start taking care of his health, skin and fitness.

3. Take The Services of Wedding Planner

The above mentioned tips are for improving the looks and style of Pakistani brides and grooms but in order to make your Pakistani wedding more attractive you should also give emphasis to its occurrence.

The best thing is to take the service of a professional wedding planner or designer as he better knows what is in and what is out. Following are some of the benefits of hiring a wedding planner.

• The wedding planner will make best arrangements for your marriage.

• He or she will arrange and decorate everything within given time.

• The wedding planner can work in any budget; you just have to mention yours.

• He or she will remove the burden of wedding arrangements from your head.

• You can have any theme or background of your choice; you just have to discuss it with your wedding planner.

4. Try To Make Pakistani Wedding Happens At The Given Time

The negative thing about most of Pakistani weddings is lack of planning and time management. It not only wastes the time of people but also makes them angry. You can use following means to ensure that Pakistani weddings take happen at exactly the given time.

  • Make it clear to all the guests that all functions will start n exactly the same time as that mentioned in the wedding card.
  • Remind the main parties such as groom’s or bride’s family about the punctuality.
  • Go to the parlor on time, it is for both brides as well as groom.
  • Arrange transportation for the guests to the wedding hall as it will definitely make them punctual.
  • Always use the word “INSHALLAH” as it has great power in it and it also shows your commitment.

Hope it will help you to make your most special day The Most Dynamic One.

Looking forward to your comments, suggestion and Likes….

About Amna

Amna is an experienced wedding planner and the founder of Making Memories Event & Interior Designers. Amna always has an alternative plan, “A Failure is a word unknown”

Best Advice: Always list down your requirements and your imaginations as its your most special day.....


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