5 Best Designers for Pakistani Bride & Groom Dresses

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Are you conscious about your wedding dress and looks? Don’t Worry we have a solution.

Presently not only women but men are also very conscious about their dresses and overall looks and when it comes to their wedding then no one can stop them from shopping. The most important phase of wedding preparation is the time when you have to choose your Wedding dress.

Pakistani culture gives great importance to the wedding dress. Unlike other cultures, the Pakistani wedding dresses are very traditional having bright colors and heavy embroidery. They have a touch of classy Mughal or Maharajah look.

Pakistani Fashion industry is rich with creative designers who are famous for making astonishing Pakistani wedding dresses. The Pakistani wedding dresses are known worldwide for their unique and elegant designs.

Top 5 Designers for Pakistani Bridal Dresses

There are so many professional designers for Pakistani dresses that it is very difficult to select any five among them. Somehow, I have managed to mention the name of five most famous designers for Pakistani Bride & Groom dresses.

1: Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY)

HSY is considered as the king of Pakistani fashion industry. He is known for his marvelous bride and groom wear. He has made Pakistani bridal dresses in almost every color with contrast, style and cuts.

His main strength is his innovative designs.

2: Deepak Perwani

Whenever we talk about stylish Pakistani groom dresses then eventually the name of Deepak Perwani comes in our minds. He is known for his very elegant yet stylish groom dresses. He is internationally famous for his unique Pakistani wedding dresses.

Deepak Perwani line includes men’s kurtas, casual wear, groom sherwanis, bridal wear, bride & groom accessories, formal and semi formal wear, saris etc.

3: Mehdi

He is known for his colorful Pakistani bride & groom dresses. His dresses depict the true culture of Pakistani wedding. He has added some new trends in order to make the traditional wedding dresses more colorful and attractive.

4: Lajwanti

This is one of the oldest Brand and known for their unique and traditional heavy designs. Every time they come with new and fresh ideas and they know how to garnish it with real stones and beads.

They are also famous for their special cuts, colors and Groom’s wear.

5: Nilofer Shahid

If you want to become a heroine of a classical romantic novel or poetry then you must buy the Pakistani bridal dresses made by Nilofer. She gets inspiration from poetry and stories. Her designs are simple and out-standing that makes you feel so special. Her clients include Princess Haifa (daughter of King Faisal), Princess Norah (wife of the governor of Riyadh ), Jemima Goldsmith, pop star Madonna, Lady Diana.

Apart from these designers, some other designers such as Maria B, Umar Sayeed, Karma, Nomi Ansari, Rizwan Beyg, Faiza Samee, Asifa & Nabeel, Ammar Bilal, Ameer Adnan, Aijazz Aslam, libas-e-khas and Zardozi are also known for their amazing Pakistani bridal & groom dresses.

Tips for Selecting Best Pakistani Bridal Dresses

In order to get the most appropriate bridal dress for your wedding, you must take care of following 10 things.

1. Dress type
2. Dress color
3. style and design
4. Size
5. Price
6. Embroidery
7. Fabric
8. Designer’s reputation
9. Stitching
10. Fashion Trends

If you are going to wed soon then this article will definitely help you in selecting the most appropriate designer for making your Pakistani wedding dress. You must also keep in mind the above mentioned tips while buying the bridal dresses.

Have you ever experienced any of these designers? Feel Free to share that.

We need your suggestions & Comments.

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Best Advice: Always list down your requirements and your imaginations as its your most special day.....


  1. Ammarah says

    wow… good one.. i also like the picture

    • Anonymous says

      Thank you Ammarah. Who is your favourite designer?

  2. Fahad Murtaza says

    Hi, Deepak perwani is good… but i like Ameer Adnan. he is also fabulous for groom dresses. he designed my sherwani . it looked awsome.

    • Anonymous says

      Hi, Fahad. No doubt about Ameer Adnan Designing. I have just Talked about 5 designers for Pakistani wedding dresses.. But you can see a list in the end, many other names are also listed there.
      Thanks alot for sharing another good brand for groom dresses.

      • Alyanahmed3114 says

        nice collection

        • Anonymous says

          Thank you Alyan for stopping by…. your comments and suggestions are always welcome….

  3. Rida khan says

    hi, where is HSY located in lahore?


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