5 Reasons Why Pakistani Weddings Are The Best

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Sub-continent especially Pakistan has very deep rooted and distinct customs of its generations that has been passed on gradually to the next generations. One main feature that determines the ethnic diversity in Pakistan is the wedding culture. Pakistani weddings have inherited their defining features from the civilizations inhabited centuries ago, which have gradually blended with the Islamic traditions to result in to the most celebrated weddings of the region.

Weddingpakistani.com based to incorporate cultural values and traditions helps you take a look at the norms of our society and urges you not to miss the next wedding invitation you have on your to-do-list.  In a closely knitted society like ours, weddings are the most awaited and celebrated event for the people. Everybody tends to get the best out of it and this is why:


pakistani wedding

It’s the family get together. There’s fun, joy, party and happiness all around. Dholki, mehandi, mayun create the pleasant atmosphere for the main event to proceed further. With Khaalas and Phupos gossiping while cousins and friends chirping all day long, these are one of the best fun moments for everyone. This is your chance to socialize if you’re fed up with the hectic routine and relax. Try to meet new people and get to know them.


pakistani wedding

So get ready to make your pockets lighter. Spend that hard earned money of yours on your favorite brand’s outfits and designer clothes because it’s totally worth it! Suit up and steal the show.



pakistani wedding

May it be the rural machos or the urban burgers everybody loves free food. There’s a lot of food. From the traditional Desi cuisine to the sappy junk food, people experiment and create wonders.  For the food lovers such weddings are like heaven. You get to eat free food, a lot of it!


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Well at least you have something to keep up with. Photos and selfies, the latest ‘in thing’ is as easy to breath! Capture your best moments with friends and family spent in a wedding and re-live every second of it.


pakistani wedding

If you are getting married this will be the biggest and undoubtedly the most important moment of your life. Begin it with blessings and prayers. Stay happy and stay focused. Love your future spouse and love your life because this is what you will need to live a contented life.

We gives you 5 reasons not to miss out Pakistani weddings. How about you share with us the favorite moments from the latest wedding you’ve attended.

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