5 Top Themes for Pakistani Wedding and Mehndi Decor

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Are you searching for Pakistani wedding and mehndi thematic décor?

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Weddings have now become a fashion statement. The brides and grooms use different means to show their individuality to the others. Previously, there was no concept of thematic wedding but now people are daring enough to use innovative ideas in various functions of the wedding.

Top Thematic Wedding and Mehndi Décor

People use various themes for wedding and mehndi décor according to their liking, imagination and preference. Thematic wedding and mehndi décor enables you to arrange your dream wedding. Following are some of the famous themes for Pakistani wedding and mehndi décor.

1: Rose Theme / REDS

This background is best for those who want to give a romantic touch to their wedding. In this theme, you may use fresh red color to decorate your stage. You can use this red color with other complementary colors such as soft shades of pink, red or blue.

You may decorate the guests table by adding water in clear glass bowels and then sprinkling the rose petals in it. You may also add some rose shaped floating candles in to the water. Rose bouquets will also be used in this theme to add more style.

Wedding designers use many creative thematic ideas for stage and table/chair décor.

2: Village Theme

Most of the people prefer to arrange their wedding in the more traditional way, which has its own authentic look. Village theme is one of the most popular mehndi themes.

One can merge village setup with the event requirements by using traditional village seating setup, clay pots, painted floors, dazzling hangings. Designers use specific colors and, reception stage décor for this theme.

3: White Fairy Theme/ Twilight theme

This theme is made for the walima décor specially. As many people like more elegant and dreamy look. And now many brides also prefer to wear white on walima.

Fluffy white feathers, cute cherubs, Grecian columns and urns, and of course, fairy wings are some of the accessories that can be used to bring life to this theme.

White with the combination of gold accents and a soft ivory or silver color with lilac and white accents give elegant look.

White rose and motia is used by designers in this theme, these flowers are expensive but create best and beautiful look all over.

4: Mughal/ Taj Mahal theme/Devdas theme

Mughal themes are also very popular among for Pakistani weddings and mehndi. These are traditional yet luxurious too as the concept depicts from Mughal dynasty so the Taj Mahal or Qila setups give very huge and lavishness look to the function.

The use of Shahi Takht (couches) with glass work and Gao pillows give it more authentic look. There is a massive use of floral arrangement in these setups.

Although designers give this look to catering setup and food too by useing Shahi dishes and darbaar uniform for waiters.

Many people make it more stylish by using long curtains, large vases and a long walk way to give it a hot favourite Devdas look. Here is my advice to hire wedding planner for make it best for you.

5: Moroccan/Arabic Theme

This theme is also one of the luxurious themes for Pakistani wedding. Every one knows that Arabic style is more decorative with use of many decorative accessories. It gives crowded but amazing look. It all depends how you use the ideas.

Low heighted seating’s, metal trays and table tops, large vases and decoration pieces for centre pieces, Heavy chandeliers and canopies styles are the best part of this décor. This theme involves the use of an efficient lighting system consisting of lights of many beautiful colors.

Wedding planners can help you in getting the Moroccan or Arabic atmosphere in your wedding as it’s a tough duty to arrange thematic setup.

Other famous themes:

Well, there are many other unique ideas and themes for Pakistani weddings and mehndi décor, like, country side theme, musical theme, galaxy theme, floral/butterfly theme, candel light theme, Peacock theme etc.

Have fun generating unique ideas and do not forget to share your favorite wedding theme with us……

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