6 Ways To Have Best Designs & Color For Mehndi in Pakistan

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Do you know how to get beautiful Mehndi color and design in your budget?

Mehndi has been an important part of Pakistani culture since a long time. Mehndi is basically made by cutting and fine grinding of the hina or mehndi leaves.

It is then mixed with water and the paste is being used on the hands and foot with the help of mehndi cones.

If we particularly talk about mehndi with respect to the brides or wedding Mehndi then mehndi is now central part of wedding.

It is a type of ceremony in which mahndi is applied on the hands; arms and foot of the bride in order to enhance her beauty and her friends and sisters also apply on their hands.

There are so many designs and styles of mehndi that sometimes it makes you confused. Some of the most common mehndi designs include traditional, royal, modern, contemporary and Arabic etc.

There are various methods of applying mehndi on the hand. For instance, in Arabic style mehndi we use thick and filled designs that have a flow in them. Moreover, the Arabic mehndi consists of various flowers and other patterns that are filled with different shades.

On the other hand, the Pakistani and Indian mehndi designs are much delicate and sensitive. They are very detailed and thin as our brides love to fill their hands and arms and due to this reason they take more time for application as compared to Arabic mehndi.

Following are some of the ways by which you can select the design for mehndi in Pakistan.

1: Where to Apply

First of all, you should check that where do you want to apply the mehndi. In case of brides, if you are applying mehndi on upper portion of the hand, the portion which comes above then you should look for a design which does not fills your whole hand.

If you are applying mehndi on inner portion then you may select any design irrespective of its length. Some brides prefer the detailed design while the other likes simple designs.

In the same way, there are totally different mehndi designs for foot so be careful in selecting a mehndi design for foot. It’s better to select those designs which only have patterns on the fingers and the side portion of the foot.

2: Searching For Mehndi Design

You may search the design for mehndi in Pakistan by using internet as there are thousands of mehndi patterns on internet. You may take a print of the design you want in order to show it to your mehndi artist. You may find some good booklets also from book shops.

3: How to Get Good Color?

In order to get a good bright color of your mehndi, try to use high quality mehndi cone made by a well known company. It is a general concept that taking the steam of water boiled with tea or applying a paste of sugar mixed in water enhances the color of mehndi.

Now some cone mehndi are available which do not need wash you just have to peel that.

4: Skilled Mehndi Artist

After selecting the appropriate design for mehndi in Pakistani, it is also necessary to find a skilled mehndi artist otherwise there will be no use of selecting the design. The mehndi artist should be expert and have flow in his or her hands.

In many traditional marriages, the friends or siblings of bride fulfill his responsibility but with the passage of time the brides have become more aware ad they prefer to hire a professional artist for applying mehndi designs from good parlors and then there are many boys and girls who are mehndi designers by profession.

5: Use of Glitters

You may also ask your mehndi artist to use glitters of different colors for filling the designs and patterns on mehndi as it gives a beautiful look to the hand and also looks beautiful during the photo shot.

But it needs good hand to handle that.

6: Take Care of Your Budget

You should take care of your budget while selecting the mehndi artist. You may ask your makeup artist to provide you a complete package including mehndi and wedding makeup.

These are some of the tips that will definitely help you in selecting an appropriate design for mehndi in Pakistan and making your mehndi more colorful.

Now it’s your turn! I would love to add more ideas to my list… Leave your comments and suggestions.

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Best Advice: Always list down your requirements and your imaginations as its your most special day.....


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    Hi Kiran, Thank you for reading and your opinion would be highly appreciated, if you have any ideas, suggestions you can share with us.

  2. Sabs says

    ok,,,, i really like the this one. i live in norway and actually wanted these tips to make my bridal mehndi deeeeeppp in color…but no mehndi artist here :(,… hey ppl let me know if anyone knows someone over here… Thank youuuuuu… :)

    • Anonymous says

      Thanks alot…. unluckily i dont know any Mehndi artist there. But what you can do is “search with above given style names”. you will get hundreds of designs, do practice on someone’s hands or on paper.I hope it will help you :)

  3. Nur Ul Ain Shuja says

    nice article…… i looooveeeee mehndi <3

    • Anonymous says

      Thanks Nur…. whats your favourite mehndi style? and do you anyother technique to have perfect mehndi color?

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