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Do you want innovation in your clothing?

Then this article will help you know about what to carry these days.

The Pakistani fashion designers always come with new designs and cuts in the market.

Previously there was a fashion of short shirts but then it gradually converted in to long shirts that touch your feet. Here are some latest trends in Pakistani Fashion.

Pakistani dresses have gone through various changes in the last few years. If we have a view on the latest trends in Pakistani fashion then it has a touch of the 60s and 70s fashion.

1: A-Line shirt

A line shirt became the part of Pakistani fashion last year. They give an extraordinary look with wide borders. They are being used by women of every age ranging from college and university going girls to elderly women. Now a days, the A line shirts are being used with churidar pajama.

2: Panelled Shirt

Shirts with different panels such as that on the shoulder etc are very common these days. These panels can be of any shape, color and design. You can also do innovation with these panels.

3: Straight-Loose kurtas

Now days, the tight dresses are completely out of fashion and straight loose kurtas with shirwani collars have taken their place. Some girls also wear them with churidar pajamas. The good thing about these straight loose kurtas is that they look good on everyone irrespective of their body weight so they are frequently used by the healthy women.

4: Kaftans/Poncho

Kaftans are also in Pakistani fashion this year. Kaftans of different colors, styles and cuts have been used during the summer fallout of 2011.

5: Culottes

Loose trousers are still very much common this year. They have been used with long kurtas, A line shirts or any other stuff of your choice.

6: Anarkali Umbrella Frock dress

Anarkali umbrella frock have been in peak this year. It has been used with churidar pajama which gives a traditional touch. This frock is fitted from waist but remains flared from the bottom that gives it a look of an umbrella. This is Mughal influence in dressing and the prominent part of Pakistani and Indian dressing.

7: Bold and Western Outfits

Western outfits look very stylish especially in parties and other get togethers. Now days with the increase in demand for stylish outfits, almost every fashion designer is launching his/her separate collection for the western outfits. Even we can see this western influence in traditional wedding clothes with different cuts and styles.

Fahad Hussayn is the one who introduced this trend of western outfits at Pakistan Fashion Week UK – Day 1 and fashion designer Sana Safinaz also promoted the western dresses at Lux Style Awards 2011.

8: Simple yet Elegant Designs

Simplicity always attracts. Apart from heavy dresses, a large number of women also prefer to have simple yet smart outfits. The demands for simple designs remain important in the markets and same thing happened during the year 2011.

Now many fashion designers have introduced their elegant collection for winter with some modern touch. One of them includes Ayesha F Hashwani who introduced some of the most decent yet classy outfits at Pakistan Fashion Week UK.

These are some of the most common trends of 2011 in Pakistani fashion industry. You may enhance your wardrobe by adopting any of these cuts according to your fondness & taste.

What are your thoughts? You may also add anything in this list by posting your comment.
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