Best Photographer for Your Pakistani Wedding Photography Irfan Ahson

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An art of making our special events the most memorable is by saving them with the camera CLICKS, Photography.

Pakistani wedding photography is as important as wedding event it self.

To provide some special information about the Pakistani wedding photography we have interviewed an Aitchisonian, Irfan Ahson who was Civil Engineer by profession but natural photography was always his passion.  And now he is very well known for his very natural wedding coverage & shots with his creative mind.

Please find below the short interview we did with him, we hope you will like it.

Q1 WP: Irfan would you please like to introduce yourself?

Irfan Ahson: I am Irfan Ahson, running a photography brand named Irfan Ahson photography. Which is Specializing in fine art portraiture, high end fashion and wedding photo journalism.  I have been doing professional photography from last 6 years. From which I have spent 5 years in USA and 1 year in Pakistan.

Q2 WP: Talk to us about the services you offer. (your specialties etc)

Irfan Ahson: I specialize in:

▪ Fine art portraiture

▪ High end fashion

▪ Wedding photojournalism

Q3 WP: Which areas normally do you cover?

Irfan Ahson: Right now I am providing services in Lahore and Islamabad.

Q4 WP:   As a Photographer why anyone should use your services?

Irfan Ahson: Anyone should experience my services because of my utmost attention to details, candid wedding photojournalism that captures the joys and emotions of the day as opposed to stiff wedding group shots.

Q5 WP: Your best tip to our readers regarding your services and how they can avoid common problems and save money?

Irfan Ahson: Do not take a chance by hiring amateur hobbyists. This day is ideally going to happen only once and pictures are the most important element in preserving the memories of the day.

Q6 WP: How can people contact you?

Irfan Ahson: You can visit my Facebook page to contact me.

I hope this will help you to know the Pakistani wedding photographer Irfan Ahson and his exceptional work.

Share your thoughts! Leave any question you may have regarding Pakistani wedding photography or photographer.

About Amna

Amna is an experienced wedding planner and the founder of Making Memories Event & Interior Designers. Amna always has an alternative plan, “A Failure is a word unknown”

Best Advice: Always list down your requirements and your imaginations as its your most special day.....


  1. Irum says

    no, doubt he is the best photographer….. love his work

    • Anonymous says

      Thank you Irum for liking and commenting

  2. Xx says

    Dono eik dosre ki marketing kar rahe hain p wese Irfan you are fantastic !

    • Anonymous says

      Thanks for the comment. :) Yes we are marketing as wedding pakistani is here to give free wedding Tips & to market all wedding related stuff for everyone.

  3. Shaik Faisal says

    even if they are doing marketing for each other but still we are getting information and help in any way…superb work Irfan, would love to hire you in future for my wedding…

    • Anonymous says

      Thanks for finding it help full. Have you checked our more wedding related blogs on our site?

  4. Adnan says

    Irfan is superb. I would say the only wedding photographer in Pakistan who picked up guts to show new dimensions of wedding photography. He is matchless in his class and i dont find any reason to hire someone else’s services while he is around.

    • Anonymous says

      Thanks Adnan.. and very well said about him.. he is really matchless…

  5. Rida says

    Lovely pictures

    • Anonymous says

      Thanks Rida… you can go to above link to see Irfan Ahson’s fulll portfolio. :)

  6. Nayab says

    very impressive photography!!

    • Anonymous says

      Thank you Nayab… :)

  7. Ahsan Asad says

    hi all i wanna plain my weeding,??????/?/

    • Anonymous says

      Hi Ahsan. Thanks for the comment… can contact Irfan Ahson for photography, go to his link.
      And let us know what else you want for your wedding? we can give you more links for all other services.

      • Sheraz_khan4892 says

        nCy pic’s……..

  8. Hani Shah87 says

    wow gr8 work……….


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