Find Best Pakistani wedding Photographer for couple shoots……..By Mutahir Mahmood

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pakistani wedding photographer

Who can save your best moments for rest of your life???

Of course the photographers.

Selecting a good Pakistani wedding photographer is a major task of one’s event. They have a ability to make your event the most memorable and exciting for ever. Bad choice can leave mad memories…..   :-|

To make it more simple, here I have interviewed the very energetic Pakistani photographer, Mutahir Mahmood, the master mind behind the O’Shoot. He along with his wife sets the new trends in photography. They have introduced a very new concept of casual couple photography in Pakistan wedding photo shoots.

Have a look to his interview!!!! You would love to know more about O’shoot and their skills.

WP Q1: Please introduce yourself

pakistani wedding

Mutahir Mahmood: O’Shoot is a photography start-up based out of Karachi. We’re a husband/wife duo with no art background! Yes, we’re business graduates from IBA and LUMS and we’re hell bent on changing the industry norms!

We’re also as passionate about music, food and travelling! We believe in Originality and hence O’riginal Shoots – The short version for that is O’Shoot! Needless to say, we are passionate about photography! We enjoy, have fun, get to play with our toys and make some really cool friends along the way!

Our friendship with clients usually lasts after the shoot is over and thats the bond we wish to make with anyone who trusts us to capture the important days of their lives! And oh, we love colors.

WP Q2: Please talk to us about what services do you offer?

pakistani wedding

Mutahir Mahmood: O’Shoot currently has two segments: O’Shoot Photography and O’Shoot Cinematic HD

O’Shoot Photography covers:

  • Weddings
  • Casual Couple / Family Shoots &
  • Photojournalism assignments
  • Our photographs (Fine Arts) are also available to frame! Just choose the picture and we’ll frame it according to your requirements!


We love colors and we believe weddings to be the most colorful events that take place in Pakistan. So yes, we do cover weddings!


Casual Couple Shoots:

Causal Couple Shoots are primarily done before engagement or the big day and the idea is to simply have fun! Every shoot involves a simple theme, a simple concept and a simple gup shup (chit chat) with the couple to get to know their likes / dislikes and that eventually reflects in the pictures we take!

P.S. We have always had a blast and an awesome time doing couple shoots and most of our referrals come from couples who have experienced these sessions.


Photojournalism Assignments

Should a project require research, call us up and we’ll chat more to understand your requirements!


O’Shoot Cinematic HD


O’Shoot Cinematic HD covers video segments. Our love and passion for photography and of course your support has allowed us to keep O’Shoot Cinematic HD completely free at the moment.

Its our aim to bring the wow factor to our work and we keep surprising clients by adding creative event highlight videos for the different weddings we cover.

WP Q3: As a wedding photographer why anyone should use your services?

pakistani wedding

Mutahir Mahmood: Our philosophy is simple. 20 years from now, when you look at your wedding albums/photographs, they should still have the classic, elegant and timeless feel to it, not to mention the WOW factor.

And that’s how we take photographs, in a pure photojournalist style, capturing important moments in a candid documentary fashion while ensuring family group shots are captured as well to preserve the wedding style our forefathers are used to.

WP Q4: Your best tip to our readers regarding your services and how they can avoid common problems and save money?


Mutahir Mahmood:

We truly believe in Value for Money. Our packages are filled with Value-Added Offers. Currently, availing HD videos is an expensive proposition for most of our clients.

We go out of the way arranging videographers for our clients and as a value added offer, throw in our own HD videos covering your event highlights, completely free of charge.

On another note, when the Americans were trying to get to the moon or when the Arabs were building the Burj, they never let money come in their way! While we aren’t rocket scientists, and wouldn’t know what to do with the billions of rupees, but we surely know how to get to the place at the right time with the right lens and the right frame of mind.

The only limit is our imagination. And yours! :-)

WP Q5: Your contact details (website or Face book page etc)

Mutahir Mahmood: If you like our photographs and think they’ll fit in well in your house / corporate office / lobby, just call us or write to us at and we’ll frame it for you!

Face book:


Call us up at 0334-323-4583

Well,,, That’s all about the truly amazing and awsome Pakistani wedding photography.

Now you can make the best decision for your most special events.

Waiting to see your suggestions and queries!!!!!!

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