Find Top designers for Pakistani Wedding Dresses With WAJIHA AKRAM

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Do you want to get your dream Pakistani wedding dresses?

Of course every girl wants to have the best dresses of which she always dreamt for.

In Pakistani weddings the preparation for wedding dresses (including mehndi, barat, walima, jahaiz (dowry) and barri dresses) starts 8-12 months before wedding. As a Bride always wants variety of colours, styles, cuts, embroideries etc.

Now Pakistan is blessed with many brilliant dress designers, and they in actual turn your imagination into reality.

To give you more awareness I have interviewed the very talented famous name of Pakistani fashion industry, Wajiha Akram. From last many years she is providing the complete bridal wear solutions in many different countries.

Have a look for some best tips and to get more knowledge about designer wear.

WP Q1: Please introduce yourself (Your Name, your company name, what you do, how long you are doing etc)

pakistani wedding dresses

Wajiha Akram: Hi, my name is Wajiha Akram. I have been into fashion business since 10 years. I started with make to order bridals and now providing prêt solutions as well.

I have my outlets in Lahore and Faisalabad and I am stocking in Dubai as well with the brand name of WAJIHA AKRAM of course.

WP Q2: Please talk to us about what services do you offer (your specialties etc)

pakistani wedding

Wajiha Akram: I offer each and everything related to your wardrobe…be it smart and chic office wear, interesting day wear for young entrepreneurs, style statements for social butterflies, evening wear both eastern or western and most importantly…Bridals which are our special forte’ and which make you feel like a princess straight out of a fairy tale!

WP Q3: Which areas do you cover?

pakistani wedding dresses

Wajiha Akram: I ship Pakistani wedding dresses to all over the world and have vast clienteles over USA, Canada, England, UAE and all cities of Pakistan. My prêt line though is available at my stores in Lahore, Faisalabad and Dubai.

WP Q4: As a bridal dress designer why anyone should use your services?

pakistani weddings

Wajiha Akram: Well as a bridal dress designer I weave dreams and desires into warp and weft of the fabric…I treat each of my bridal outfit as a complete art piece…

To me a bridal outfit is NOT just an outfit…it is so much of feelings emotions dreams and prayers all combined into something which you plan to wear on your special when you come to me you are not just coming for a jorra you are coming to me which you will treasure and cherish for the rest of your life and will pass on to your daughters and grand daughters.

WP Q5: Your best tip to our readers regarding your services and how they can avoid common problems and save money.

pakistani fashion

Wajiha Akram: For your bridal outfits you need to come at least 2 months before to avoid last minute hassles and let me also work at it with complete peace.

I keep my clients completely involved in their bridal outfit right from the beginning in every process so that they know exactly what and how their dream outfit is taking shape.

You should order a complete package of main day, mehandi and some formal outfits so that you get a complete look designed specially for you by your designer and it will save you a lot of time energy and money as well and instead of rushing to markets and tailors you can enjoy this time relaxing and paying attention to your beauty regime.

WP Q6: Your contact details (website or Face book page etc)

Wajiha Akram: you can contact me on

Cell: 0092-3004905292
Faisalabad outlet: 0092-41-8501833
Lahore outlet: 0092-42-37509026

Or you can interact with us through our face book page:

That’s all about Wajiha Akram. Hope this will help you in selecting best designers and to select beautiful dresses for your wedding.

Write me if you want some more information on Pakistani wedding dresses and designers?

I would love to receive your suggestions and experiences….

So don’t forget SHARING IS CARING!!!!!! ;)

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Best Advice: Always list down your requirements and your imaginations as its your most special day.....

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