Fascinating Floral Decor in Pakistani Weddings

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The latest trendy flower arrangements in Pakistani weddings have now made your special event the most magnificent than ever, without spending extra expenses you can make it modest, but most stunning.

pakistani weddings

Several wedding planners are using flower arrangement in Pakistani weddings in diverse ways to make your each event the most exceptional.  In Pakistan especially, weddings always celebrate in traditional and inimitable styles. Similarly, now the variations and the flair of flower arrangement in weddings have brought a complete change and lavish style.  Once there was a mindset that flowers only used for the stage décor or grooms’ room, yet this concept has totally changed.

weddings in pakistan

Now flower arrangements in Pakistani weddings have been used on different areas, such as around the entire stage, entrance, in vases near sitting areas, on the tables around the walls and even everywhere. This flower arrangement must be placed with complete aesthetic sense so that it should not give a look to the guest that they come in a flower shop.  But it must look so elegant and sophisticated that everyone should admire it.

pakistani weddings

In fact, flowers add some exude fun to your each wedding days through their insignia, fragrances, contours and assorted colors that make the entire event more fresh and extraordinary.  The basic theme in my article is the arrangement of flowers with white background theme that is mostly used in the Walima, Nikkah or engagement events.

Flowers in Pakistani Weddings


People are no more color conscious now and their superstitious nature regarding white color has changed, thus, they are more prone to use white color in the events like Walima, Nikkah, and engagement to give a soft look to the entire function. Barat and Mehndi always require vibrant colors to make these events more deluxe ones as everyone expects the loud and vivacious colors so as wedding planners use similar flower arrangement scheme for these events.

Weddings In Pakistan

Most of the people have the perception that his flower arrangement is costly, the reality is utterly changed.  The flower arrangement in weddings is less expensive as compared to the fancy lights, chandelier, and other ornamentations, so people are most intended to give a fresh look to their events and to spend less expensive on the entire arrangements. 

weddings in pakistan

Different white flowers like tulips, white lily, white orchid, white Gerbera daisy, and white carnation and even white roses have been used to give different themes on each area either around the stage, walking passage, on the serving tables or corner sides. These are arranged by considering the light effects. The new transformations of marquees have an immense area where these flower arrangements can easily be managed without making a mess or give it a disarray look.

Weddings in Pakistan

Flowers have never been used with such assortment as it has been used in our weddings now. The team of DAWAT, are always eager to help customers and make their events memorable, conferring, and terrific. They provide all kinds of flower arrangements to our customers according to their demand and even we provide our best ideas to you.

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