How to arrange weddings in Pakistan

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Are you about to arrange wedding in Pakistan?

Arranging wedding is the most difficult and long job of the parents especially of Bride’s. Pakistani weddings comprise of various small functions such as mayoon, mahndi, barat and valeema Muklawa.

Generally mayoon and mahndi function is being arranged separately by the bride and groom side. Barat is the major wedding function which has to organize by the parents of bride.

Some people arrange the wedding functions by themselves. Although, it reduces the total cost to some extent but they remain so busy in wedding arrangements that they even can’t enjoy the wedding of their beloved daughter and sister. Moreover, as they are not professionals so anything always goes wrong or some thing left uncompleted.

A wedding arrangement involves the arrangement for stage background, arranging proper space for the guests, proper lighting system with backup generators, proper lighting system, food arrangement etc.

It is very difficult to take care of all these things at the same time with many other wedding responsibilities.

1: Hire Wedding Planner:

If you are planning a wedding ceremony of any of your family member then I would suggest you to take the services of a professional wedding planner. This is the best way to arrange weddings in Pakistan.

The professional wedding planners take all the responsibility of the whole wedding from the stage arrangement to the food being served. The good thing about them is that they have a huge team of skilled workers that have specialization in each field. This helps in arranging a wonderful event without any error or mistake.

Now when you have decided to hire the wedding planner for your wedding then the question arises how to find a good wedding planner. It is not a difficult job as there are large numbers of professional wedding planners in Pakistan. Majority of them are working for more than 15 years in the same industry.

The good thing about the wedding planners is that their fee is very flexible as they charge money according to your budget so whether you have any theme or background in your mind or you want any innovative wedding plan then you must consult the wedding planners.

2: Extra services By wedding planners:

The wedding planners discuss all their ideas and designs with the customers before practically implementing them. Moreover, you can also ask for any additional services such as designing of wedding cards or any gifts for the guests from the wedding planners, giveaways, music, mehndi accessories, photographer, rent a car  etc.

3: Few Famous wedding Planners:

I have collected the following list of some of the best wedding planners and organizers of Pakistan.

• Making Memories

• Acropolis

• A2Z events Management Company

• QYT event

• La Rosh Caterers And Wedding Planners

• Royal Wedding And Event Planners

• Asian Decorators

• Ambreen Bawani

• Nadeem Caterers


• Tapis rouge

• Iris events

Click here to get more information about these wedding planners  and by visiting their official websites. The core purpose of this article was to make you know that by hiring event planners you can arrange your wedding flawlessly.

Do you have any other tip to suggest? Leave your comments below.

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