How to Manage Pakistani Wedding Accessories

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Are you about to arrange your wedding event?

It’s the toughest job of all. One has to be careful in managing wedding accessories because bad management can disturb your whole day.

Wedding is considered as the most difficult job to do as you have to take care of a lot of things at the same time so that the whole function goes well.

Pakistani wedding is a beautiful combination of various customs and rituals which if not arranged properly leads to the failure of the whole function. The wedding accessories are managed according to the latest trends and the available budget.

Arranging and Managing Pakistani Wedding Accessories

There are a large number of Pakistani wedding accessories that needs to be arranged before the wedding ceremony. There must be some one responsible for all those tasks, with a check list in his hand.

Following is the description of a few of them.

1: Arranging a Car

The wedding car should be well decorated with different ribbons, bows and fresh flowers. The groom may ask any his friends or brothers to arrange a car and decorate it as well.

There is a trend of hiring a wedding car for a day or two. And now in Pakistan many famous cars are available for weddings. On the same time many people use their personal car for this purpose. There are professional designers who offer services for decorating your car. Florists also do car decorations in low budget. Otherwise there are many other designer services are also accessable.

2: Room Decoration

The groom’s room customary decorates to welcome his bride in a good way. The room is usually decorated by using flowers, ribbons, shiny papers etc. Now room décor also go with the whole wedding theme.

If you want to give a romantic touch to your room then it’s highly recommended to take the services of a professional interior designer or event planner. While decorating the room, you must take care of the color combination and lighting.

3: Wedding Garlands

One of the most important wedding accessories is wedding garland that is used by the groom. The wedding garlands are made from the fresh or artificial flowers. They also have multicolor beads and zari work on them.

If you want the garland made from fresh flowers then it can only be taken on the wedding day as the flowers get dry very soon but if you are using other garlands then you can easily buy them from the market.

4: Stuff Related to Dhodh Pelae Rasam

Dhood pelae is a beautiful custom in which the groom is given a glass of milk by the sister of bride. The glass in which milk is given should be highly decorative. These glasses usually contain small mirrors, ribbons and laces on them. You may also need a small tray to carry the glass and trey should also be well decorated.

There is a large variety of decorative doodh pelae glass in the market.

5: Bid Packaging / Giveaway

Distribution of bid is the essential part of nikkah ceremony and Pakistani weddings. Previously, dates were used as a bid but now days; people use various other items that are packed in small baskets and pouches.

Sometime, the wedding designers also offer bid packaging. If your wedding planner is offering this service then it’s better to do so as it will save your time on packaging huge amount of bids. And secondly wedding planners give beautiful variations in giveaway packages.

6: Wedding cake

Wedding cake is another important part of wedding preparations. It should be order a week before.

There are many talented cake designers; you can discuss your requirement with them and can get any kind oe wedding cake.

There are specific wedding shops that provide all the wedding accessories such as thaalis for mehndi, glass and trey for dhod pilae, wedding garlands etc under the one roof.

These are some of the wedding accessories that need to be managed carefully. These things although look small but are highly important.

Give your ideas and views about the topic.

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