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Creative ideas, pretty jewelry, traditional clothes, music, mehndis, and dancing are some of the things that can be witnessed at typical weddings in Pakistan. It is a perfect blend of traditions and fun.

The Bride dresses to her makeup, the grooms sherwani and other clothes and gifts exchanged between the two families are all so important but nothing can be done without choosing the best place for the special day.

Suggestions for indoor and outdoor weddings:-

People usually prefer to have a typical Pakistani wedding with lots of colors and fun.

There is no doubt in the fact that Pakistani weddings that are arranged outdoors are more fun and one can experience with lots of ideas and designs.

1 Make your guests comfortable:-

pakistani wedding

Think about what the weather will likely to be at the time of the day of your outdoor event because the weather in Pakistan is quite unpredictable. Look for renting large electric fans and chillers for summers (don’t forget a generator).

If it will be cold make sure you have proper heating arrangements. And for indoor arrangements choose the best venue which is also reachable for guests.

2 Have a backup plan:-

pakistani weddings

What will you do if it rains? So make sure the tent you rent is thick and has weighted sides so it won’t flip over and can stand up to gusty winds. Many outdoor weddings suffer from windy conditions, for that avoids light fabrics like chiffon and china silks for your dresses.

Those having a day time outdoor should orient the event in such a way that the sun will be on guest’s back rather then in there eyes.

3 Decorations:-

weddings in pakistan

One of the bonuses of the outdoor weddings in Pakistan is that you can get infinite ideas when it comes to decorations. Hire a nice event designer to add more magic to your outdoor weddings.

Barat and Walima are the more sophisticated functions and having these functions indoors in halls is not a bad idea either. You can pick beautiful color themes to add an elegant touch in your weddings.

4 Make things tasty:-

In addition to the right place, you need to arrange for catering to suit the place, so if you want to have a wedding with a buffet menu make sure you hire an experienced caterer for outdoors as well as indoor weddings.

5: car parking

What ever you select do not ignore parking issue when making decision. It matters a lot and you can get huge parking area in outdoor arrangement, but many hotels now also offers large parking with banquet halls as comfortable parking zone is one of the major issue for indoor weddings.

Hope it will help you in selecting venues for weddings in Pakistan. Looking forward to your suggestions and comments.

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