What would be the Mehndi Menu?

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What would be the menu, seems really common isn’t?

It is not easy to decide the menu of daily dinner or wedding. Most of the time people ask me what is the best mehndi menu.

Therefore, I decided to share with all of you some of the best and affordable mehndi menus.

#1 Menu

• Bar B. Q. (Kabab & Tikka)

• Halwa Puri

• Chanay

• Chocolate Mousse/Trifle

#2 Menu

• Palak Ghasht and Pulao

• Tawa Fish

• Gajar ka Halwa

#3 Menu

• Bar. B.Q

• Chanay Koftay

• Kheer

Advantages of These Menus

1. Economical

2. Easy to Cook event can be managed at home for lower no. of guest

3. Different than other two days menus.

My Best Menu

“Bar B Q and Chanay Koftay with Kheer”

I prefer this because it is different and considered all time favourite food for Pakistani weddings.

Few other benefits why I prefer this:

• You can easily find good caterers to provide this

• It is comparatively economical

I hope this will help you to decide menu for your mehndi event.

I would love to hear your best menu. Please feel free to share in the comments below.

About Amna

Amna is an experienced wedding planner and the founder of Making Memories Event & Interior Designers. Amna always has an alternative plan, “A Failure is a word unknown”

Best Advice: Always list down your requirements and your imaginations as its your most special day.....


  1. Ayesha Khan says

    Hi really a nice n helpful article, my favorite menu is Bar. B.Q

    • Chanay Koftay

    • Kheer

  2. Anni Ali says

    hey its cooool….nice info please continue this type of articles and also try to put something about wedding decor……

  3. Marriya says

    Hi..its really cool info…………..i like menu 1. especially Bar B Q & Chany………

  4. rida says

    chanay koftay
    i prefer this b,coz it iz different…..

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