Must Tips for Pakistan Weddings Stage Decoration

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Pakistani Wedding Stages

When it comes to the Pakistani weddings, both the boy and girl get excited about a new happy life. Every culture has some traditional and religious restrictions, and they have to perform wedding ceremony in those limits. Everyone who is getting married wants to make the wedding an amazing and memorable event. There are various wedding functions in Pakistan and the most important among all is the Barat Day when the boy ties the knot and brings her bride to his home forever. We have decided to add to the happiness and enjoyment of Pakistani weddings by introducing some useful and must try tips if you want to make your wedding unique. Stage decoration tells the taste, wealth and interest of the people that how they are excited and determined to celebrate it with unique ideas. Our tips on stage decoration will help many people, and we pin our hopes that it will be a great function if these tips are integrated into the stage decoration process.


It must be remembered that a wedding stage is an imperative place in the whole event where bridal and groom sit together in front of many people. If the stage decoration is impressive and aesthetically elegant, people will remember this even, and you will be conveying a powerful impression to all the attendants. Following tips will help Pakistani weddings to decorate their stages accordingly:

  • Never shrug off that your first impression is the last impression and if you want a catchy look of your stage decoration, decorate your entrance with flowers and in a beautiful manner. This is the place where people get the first impression when they enter the wedding hall.
  • If you are not good at decoration, you can hire the services of professional wedding stage decorators. They will plan everything for you, and you will be enjoying first-hand immediate services with comfort and ease. They professional decorators can do the best than any other person in  weddings.
  • If your wedding lasts for 3-4 days, you will need individual stage decoration every day. Using same decorated stage may spoil the attraction and will make you feel embarrassed.
  • In Mehndi function, everyone wears the yellow dress, and you need to maintain a balance of the colors. You can give your stage a yellow look by using yellow flowers, yellow artificial lights and candles, decorating the entrance with yellow pieces of decoration. You should give a distinctive look to your Mehndi function stage.
  • The next day of the wedding is called Barat Day, and it’s the most important day because the guys become their life partners, this day has great wedding attendants, and everyone uses different colored clothes. A person responsible to decorate barat stage must be a vigilant observer and set everything in a well-planned way. The stage and entrance, once again, on this day become the points of attraction when the both the families greet each other and Nikkah Ceremony is observed on stage in front of both families. Beautiful and unique decorative ideas for this day may make it more pleasant and enjoyable.
  • The last day is called Walima Day when the guest and families are invited for eating. This moment also needs attention, and the decorator must decide decoration plan after careful observation.

We hope that these tips on Pakistani weddings stage decoration will help the people to figure out best ways for their weddings. People need to integrate these tips when they have to celebrate their weddings events to get better and impressive response from the audience.

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