New Pakistani Wedding Trends

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Now weddings have not been remained an event to celebrate a bride and grooms especial day. The indication of the word wedding has changed in Pakistan and so as new Pakistani wedding trends have brought a completely new festivity in the wedding events. From the scheming and matching of the dress colors to the unification of the flowers arrangement, chairs and tables’ closets, stage décor, lighting effects etc, everything has brought a new sensation in Pakistani weddings.

In my article, I will highlight few very communal, yet astounding new Pakistani weddings trends that have changed the entire concept of traditional weddings and they also attract foreigners to plan their weddings like Pakistani weddings.

Wedding photography has become one of the most important parts of the new Pakistani weddings trends. The new idea of photography is also known as cinematography where photographers make coverage of your event in a film style. It has become a complete profession now as people are more intended to capture each and every event of their wedding in a lavish and stunning manner.

For this purpose, they hire expensive photographers who capture the tiniest things in such as perfect way that they become memorable for those people who tie a knot with each other and for those who involve in the entire wedding.
In typical and traditional Pakistani weddings, there were used to have Mehndi, Barat and Walima events, but now we have adopted bridal showers, pre-wedding plans and shoots, bachelor’s parties, grand mayon function, dance sessions and these starts from a month ago before the main wedding time.

These events are knowns as post-wedding events, in which cousins and siblings of the bride and groom both sides take part and make plans for the actual event.
Increasing marquees trends
The traditional canopies trend has almost vanished and they are transformed as marquees. In new Pakistani wedding trends, the concept of marriage halls has also reduced and marquees trend is increasing. The marquees have all the luxurious facilitates and comforts that people require during their wedding from air conditioners to the best flower arrangements, huge dancing floors, chandeliers, and table, chairs and remarkable sofa settings.

Now people do not worry about the weather like rainy season, hot summer nights and cold winter nights, marquees have the enough space and all facilities in which people can arrange their all events without having the fear of the weather conditions.

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