Pakistani Wedding Dresses for Groom

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Pakistani Wedding

Are you confused in selecting your Pakistani wedding dress? Stop worrying as there are following points to be considered.

When it comes to marriage then not only bride but groom also has to look perfect as it is the special day for both of them. Previously, there were a very few option for the grooms but with the passage of time a large number of brands and weddings wears were introduced for the grooms as well.

If we particularly talk about the grooms dresses in Pakistan then there are a wide variety of dresses with different styles. The groom’s wedding dresses vary from the traditional to the modern wear.

Following is the list of some of the most common yet elegant groom dresses commonly used by Pakistani grooms.

1: Sherwani

Sherwani is one of the best and most traditional dresses for the groom as it not only gives him a unique look but also increases his features. Sherwani contains a streamlined crown that increases its beauty. It also has a stylish neckband. A simple kameez is usually worn under the sherwani.

The sherwani also contains decent yet attractive embroidery on mostly the chest portion. It is usually used with churidar pajama and a traditional khusa. Sometimes, the groom also wears a shawl draped over his single or both the shoulders.

Sherwani is mostly worn by the Pakistani grooms on the first day of wedding that is the baraat. And now we have a large variety in sherwanis including different colors, mostly embroidery matching to bride’s dress. One can find very stulish Sherwani houses in Pakistan.

2: Shalwar Kameez

pakistani wedding dresses

Shalwar kameez is yet another most common dress used by most of the Pakistani grooms due to its simplicity as well as decency. Now days, grooms prefer to use shalwar kameez having some embroidery on it. Large number of designers makes shalwar kamees particularly for the wedding function.
Shalwar kameez usually fits well in the mayo and mehndi function. You can alter it by using a churidar pajama with the kameez or by adding a shawl and a traditional khusa according to the color of your shalwar kameez.

3: Three Piece Suits

pakistani wedding dresses

Now days, many grooms prefer to select modern clothes for their wedding and three piece suit is one of them. The three piece suit has its on charm and beauty that totally changes the look of every individual. A three piece suit with a matching tie gives you a complete look for your baraat as well as waleema. Mostly prefer this on waleema. That looks fantastic after one day sherwani look.

4: Some Tips and Suggestions

The grooms may select his wedding dresses in collaboration with the bride as it will give them both an attractive look. For instance, if your bride is wearing a red lahnga on her first day of wedding then you may go for an off white or golden sherwani with maroon kulla and embroidery. Black sherwani also looks elegant with red.

Secondly, the grooms should also concentrate on the color of the wedding dress as dark or bright colors do not look good on men so it’s better to choose lighter shades of brown, grey etc.

Then try to wear different styles on all three days. Select Shalwar qameez, sherwani, suit. Now there are many men wears boutique and designers all over the country. You can also contact any for your all wedding dresses.

These are some of the wedding dresses for the grooms. If you have any other dress design that may look good on the groom then you may share it with us.

Share your experience and views.

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