Wedding Pakistani Essence- What makes it special?

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Marriage is an event which witnesses two hearts sinking into one, and the Pakistani wedding is no less in embracing this principle, as the specialty of this event that brings joy and splendor lies in the everlasting memories that it provides to the wedding couple. Wedding Pakistani traditions and culture have their unique ways in making this event a grand occasion and the long established traditions are brought to light during this occasion.

Pakistani wedding is also referred to as shadi as the planning of this wedding Pakistani event takes enough time as embraced by other cultures. Prior to the wedding ceremony, the prerequisite that is followed happens to be the proposal party which witnesses the groom’s parents as well as the family seeking permission from that of the family of the bride, for entering into a wedlock with the groom. The occasion calls for elegant dressing on the part of the families as gifts in the form of gold and other types get exchanged during the occasion.

The special occasion of the wedding Pakistani begins to wear a festive look. The engagement party between that of the families follows, which according to the tradition may witness different activities as that of changing of rings, where the groom and bride do not get engaged in the exchanging acts all on their own. This engagement party is called Mangni.

The special occasion of Pakistani wedding moves further as the wedding day gets determined. When the wedding day is finalized, the celebration of Mayun marks the joyous mood of the families involved in the shadi. Mayun happens to be the symbolization that highlights the importance of the upcoming wedding of the bride. The bride though will not be in a position to view the groom-to-be, as it is the official day related to the ceremony that provides the chance for the bride to get a look of the groom. This even wears a festive look as all the family members enjoy the occasion by dancing, singing and all the rituals begin during this event of Mayun.

Pakistani wedding is so special in the way that it moves from one stage to another. Dholki is the next event where bride wearing yellow Pakistani outfits celebrates the occasion with her near and dear ones by singing the most popular of wedding songs. The ceremonies that follow include Mehendi Barat as well as other occasions, as the wedding finally arrives quickly after all the events that lead to this ceremony gets over. The authentic Islamic wedding known by the name of Nikah waits to be celebrated with much fanfare.

The events that lead to wedding Pakistani are all colorful events that bring out the best of tradition and the joyous mood of the family members, and like any other culture or tradition, Pakistani wedding brings the cheery mood of the family to the forefront and with it makes the event a memorable one.

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