Party Make Up For Brides’ Friends & Family For Weddings In Pakistan

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Are you preparing for some wedding?

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To look perfect is every one’s choice. Selection of fine makeup or good makeup artist is so important.

For weddings in Pakistan all of the close relatives and the immediate family pay a lot of attention to wardrobe and their appearance for they stay at the forefront to deal with the rituals of the wedding and make the day special for the bride and the groom.

Weddings in Pakistan are reason for the ladies to dress up and showcase their sense of style and fashion. Emphasis is not only laid on the apparels they wear but their make ups and hairstyles are of great importance too. They are as much concerned as the bride to find the best party makeup artist for the wedding.

There are few points to be considered.


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If you are talented enough, you might chose to do your makeup yourself because no one else would understand your skin better than your own self. You would know what colors would suit your complexion, which base will settle and what type of contouring will shape your cheekbones. But if you are not makeup literate than going to a makeup artist would be a wise decision.


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Now if you are getting your makeup done by an artist it’s your wish to call up a mobile or freelance artist who would come directly to your place on the wedding day or you can make an appointment and go to a salon. Now when you have decided, you must assure if the hired artist is capable of making hair styles too if not than getting an appointment for salon is a better option for they have skilled workers to accommodate your requirements.


If you are unable to make a decision because you don’t want to experiment on the wedding day than consulting your friends and colleagues would be recommended. You may visit different websites and look for portfolios and sample pictures of their party make ups.

There are many make over options for weddings in Pakistan so’ shortlist your favorite ones and then choose the one which you think is the best.


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As the list is too long so I have short listed just few make up artists to help you people look perfect.

1: Babloo
2: Sabs
3: Madiha’s
4: Maram & Abroo
5: Hifsa Saad Khan at Glo
6: Mariam’s Bridal Saloon by Mariam Khawaja
7: Allenora
8: Depilex
9: Tariq Amin
10: New look

Makeup holds a lot of importance for weddings in Pakistan; it makes you feel confident about yourself and enlightens the beauty. You want to look pretty in person as well as in pictures so you need to find the best party makeup artist.

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