Portrait Photography Tips For Pakistani Wedding Events that you will Cherish Forever

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Have you always imagined yourselves on your wedding day? Isn’t it is the most amazing feeling to marry your future partner and hold the memories forever?

pakistani wedding events

Earlier the Photography was done within the family, but now there has been an increase in trend in Pakistan to hire a Local Wedding photographer for the weddings. This is because weddings are the most auspicious and important day in anybody’s life and no one wants to ruin their wedding moments with amateur photography.

In fact, The Local Wedding photographers as well the expert photographers try to photograph the wedding nuptials in the most exceptional and unique way. Photography is an art and until and unless you cannot connect to the photographs taken, they are by no means. If you feel good and flashback to the moment while pondering over the photographs, then it is considered to be a good photography.

pakistani bridal photography

There are majorly two types of Pictures taken at the Pakistani Weddings- Portrait Photography and Event Photography. Portrait Photography majorly involves photos taken of the Bride and Groom and their solo pictures as well. The Event Photography consists of snaps taken at various events like Mehndi, Sangeet and Reception.

pakistani wedding events

So here are some tips to get the best portrait photography.

  • Choosing a Wedding photographer who has commendable artistic and aesthetic Camera skills

Every Event has an attached emotion and everyone wants to enjoy each wedding event or function. Photographs are the only medium, looking at which the moments can b re-lived. You would not want to be blurred, or head cut photographs of your ceremony. So, making a good choice is essential to cherish these moments forever.

pakistani bridal photography

  • Something in budget without any compromise on creativity

There are many Wedding photographers in Lahore but choosing the best, which fits your budget as well as the requirements, is utmost necessary. The Photographer who not only understands the value of the important day but could also indulge his own creativity and ardency skills in photography should be chosen. The Photographer should value the importance of time and be ready with his Camera skills, equipment, etc. before every function.

My Wedding became Memorable because of Asad Farooq’s Photography

  • Talk to your photographer

I was really excited for my Wedding Day. However, the most crucial decision was looking for a Good wedding photographer. We searched through various Local Wedding photographers and after a deep scrutiny, we zeroed upon Asad Farooq. The first talk was a real smooth one and he somehow convinced us to have him as our Wedding photographer. But I wanted to be double sure so had a meeting with him. I can conclude that he is amongst the most knowledgeable, humble and genuine wedding photographers in Karachi and I would certainly recommend him to others.

  • Check the previous work

As far as my story is concerned, this is what I got

I realized that Portraiture has the main forte which was on my priority list for my wedding photographer. He showed us some of his previous works. He even asked us regarding what kind of pictures and photography we are looking at.

He gave his suggestions and listened to us as well. We were quite impressed with his artistic as well as verbal skills. After all, it matters the most. The moment we finalized Asad Farooq, the Local Wedding photographer, he and his skillful team took over. Right from Mehndi to Valima, at all the functions his team was present before time. They even took guidance from my close family relatives so the candid clicks of the family can be ensured.

At the time of Bridal Portrait Photography, I was ecstatic with the poses they were asking me to do. They were not only typical Pakistani Bridal Poses but had a tinge of Modernism as well.

Even the Couple Portrait shoots were fun and interesting and no Photos were repeated at any of the events. The approach of Asad Farooq was very appealing. Even if we forget to pose for an event, they would request us to do so.

The day when I was spellbound looking at my Wedding Photos

Asad Farooq’s team really worked hard to make our wedding album the best memory of our lives. They did not take much time after the wedding was over. Going by the Wedding album, we were laughing, smiling at those moments. Each and every click had some sense and meaning pertaining to the wedding event.

I could not imagine myself looking so pretty in those photographs, especially in the Bridal Portrait Photographs and couple Photographs. All the looks at various locations were subtle yet to the best of the core. The Cinematic flow of every event can be visualized by going through the pictures.

The Portrait pictures were Professional and mesmerizing. The elegance and grace in those ultra-high definition images were a proof of his unmatched photography and aesthetic skills.

I am really thankful to Asad Farooq and team for making my wedding more special and would highly recommend his Photography Services!


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