Responsibilities of parents for Pakistani weddings

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pakistani weddings

Is your son/daughter about to get married?

Enjoy reading this, as it will help you.

Pakistani Weddings are important social celebration that requires a lot of passion and enthusiasm. If you are a parent, your son’s or daughter’s wedding is the day you have been dreaming about since the time of their birth.

However, all feelings apart, the next few months prior to the wedding are going to be really busy and hectic but at the same time exciting.

From choosing the venue to deciding on to the wedding dress are the emotional moments that the parents and soon-to-be-married couple would encounter.

That’s why we’ve created this section especially on parental roles and what both parents should expect when planning a wedding.

1: Responsibilities of bride’s Mother

The most important role in Pakistani wedding is of the mother of the bride for she has numerous responsibilities. As of a typical mother, many incidents have been seen where she tries to take over her daughter’s wedding!

Although her participation and enthusiasm is appreciated but she should realize that it’s her daughter’s special day and she should be given the authority and the chance to plan the wedding of her dreams.

Even if the bride takes the main decisions it does not reduce any responsibilities off the mother’s shoulder. A list of common duties that mother of a bride might take on:

• Bride’s and groom’s Barat attire

• Ceremony site rental

• Their own clothes

• Girl’s dowry selection/shopping

• Flowers and decorations for the wedding site

• Arrangement of caterers

• Gifts for the bride and the groom

• Photographer/videographer

• Gifts for the family

2: Responsibilities of bride’s/groom’s father

On the other hand, mother of the groom too has many responsibilities and are much more involved with the wedding while role of the groom’s father is more of a supportive one and a head under which all the other arrangements are being made.

For most of the dads, thinking of their daughter’s wedding might just make them sad and emotional but this a special day for her and he can make it much more special for her. The duties that father of the groom might take on:

• Above all father has to take care of all financial matters

• Invitation Cards printing and distribution

• Cars arrangements for guests

• Security arrangements for house

• Check on all the vendors

• Girl’s dowry arrangement

• Lodging of guests coming from out of the station


Good management can make every part easy. So there are some suggestions for PARENTS only……

1: Make a proper list; start working at least 5 months before the wedding.

2: To solve all above matters take help of your relatives.

3: Search on Google you will find many links and many designs over there.

4: Visit big markets to buy as many things as you can in a day.

5: Take care of your budget. Make daily bills

6: Also involve your children and give them some responsibilities.

7: Do not burden your Self take services of good wedding planners.

Parents always try to make their child wedding the most beautiful. In Pakistani weddings parents play the most important part.

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