Six Best Tips For Planning a Memorable Honeymoon

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If you are planning to get married soon, I am sure you will be thinking of having a memorable honeymoon. Let me give you some ideas to help your planning, if you have better ideas feel free to share in the comments below to help the community.

I think honeymoon is the best time when starting a new life and give you the best chance to understand each other before you get busy in the routine life.

Do not ignore anything in the planning process, which can risk your best time in the life.

Set Your Budget

Regardless of your pocket size, set a budget for your honeymoon, because wishes are unlimited and resources are limited. Once you know your limitation then you can choose the best option for your honey moon.

It will also save you stress after the honeymoon if you spend everything you have without thinking.

Plan According to Weather

I believe whenever you plan any event you should keep the weather special importance. Because you got to make the different travel arrangements accordingly.

Decide a Place to Visit

In Pakistani tradition normally planning power lies to Groom, but things are changing. It would be a good idea to find the choice of your other half as well, if you want have a good time. You might be planning to surprise your partner even in this make sure you know likes or dislikes of your partner.

Make Reservations

Good places are generally require booking well before you want to visit. Therefore, you should book the hotel, travel arrangement or any other attraction you want to visit before hand.

Here is a bonus tip:

Always have a backup plan. Keep few alternate hotels in mind just in case hotel you selected is not as you expected.

To Do List

I know you are not on a business trip. But if you don’t have any idea what to do on your honeymoon, you can end up sitting the room all the time. Might not be a bad option :)

Making a list of few things will ensure you have a good time.

Get Ready

Quite a few important things before you leave for a honeymoon.

  • Dresses according to weather (try to keep it less as possible)
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Good camera (very important)
  • Sufficient money and cards
  • Travel documents
  • Details of bookings
  • May be you can add more to the list in the comments section below

Now you are ready to go for a memorable honeymoon. Feel free to discuss your ideas and thoughts on this post in the comments section below.

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