Styles of Give Away and Bid Packing for Pakistani weddings

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Are you arranging family wedding?

If yes, then do not forget to arrange giveaways and bids packing for the nikkah and rukhsati and waleema ceremony.

Most of the people remain so busy in selecting their wedding dresses, jewellery and other related stuff that they couldn’t find time to take care of the give aways and bids packing.

If you are also having the same problem then let me help you as I have searched some unique styles of packing your give away and bids so that your guests remember these gifts for many years to come.

Before moving on to the styles of giveaways and bid packing, I must tell you that although there are thousands of packing styles but they vary according to the give aways and bids you select for your guests.


Most common yet stylish style for packing bids and give aways is the use of boxes of varying size, shape and designs. These boxes are made by using fancy pieces of fabric or net for decorative purposes.

Pre tied bows are also used for enhancing the beauty of these boxes. Apart from this, you may also use ribbons of different colors, shining papers and other related stuff.


Some people prefer using the fancy wedding pouches that are usually made from bright and embroidered fabric selected according to the basic theme of your wedding function. These pouches not only give a traditional or classic look but they also enhance the beauty of your gifts and bids.

These pouches are stitched in such a way that they can be opened automatically by stretching the lanyard (dori) attached to it.

3: BAGS:

Pouches and boxes are mostly used when your wedding give aways and bids are of smaller size such as for bangles, chocolates, jewellery items etc but if you are giving any big thing such as wedding suites etc then you may pack them in different bags.

These bags are mostly similar to the plastic bags but they have special prints or designs embossed on them. You may mention the names of couple or even the name of guests for whom you are making these packages.


In Pakistani weddings The Mughal influence is very common and famous. So many people love having their giveaways packing in metal, brass and copper etc. It does not only looks unique but also a new idea in weddings.


Now days, most of the wedding planners offer give aways and bid packing. You just need to specify you requirements with respect to colors, design, shapes etc. The wedding planners take help from professional designers to create unique yet attractive packing for your give aways and bids.

They design customized giveaways and boxes according to your wedding theme. They also offer best filling for bids and gifts. So by hiring wedding planners you can get stylish packing for bid etc.

The basic structure or layout of boxes, pouches and bags is similar to the ordinary boxes and pouches but their overall look makes them beautiful as they are being decorated by using a variety of things such as ribbon flowers, shining papers or colorful strips.

Friends if you have any other idea for bid packing and giveaways do share with us.

Looking forward to your suggestions!!!!!

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    From where to buy these packing & how much it cost each.

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    nice but they are ideas which are already been used from magazines , create some thing from your own

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