Top 10 Designers for Pakistani Wedding Dresses

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Searching up on the best designers catering to the wedding dress market in Pakistan? Look no further, we have the work done for you. Check out these big names and settle on your favorite

1. Karma

Pakistani Bridal Dress 

Karma is one the oldest names in the Pakistani wedding dresses category of the fashion industry, boasting amazing collections and stunning lines every year.

2. HSY

Pakistani Bridal Dress

One of the pioneers of haute couture in Pakistan, HSY (Hassan Sheryar Yaseen) can be called the king of Pakistani Wedding dresses. His signature brides stand out and you can easily distinguish an HSY design from all others. With his bold use of the traditional red color, he has always impressed at every fashion show over the years.

3. Elan

Pakistani Bridal Dresses

Subtle, elegant and dreamy; that is the Elan mantra. Their dresses are the kind you would envision in a fairy tale wedding, using the palest of shades and the most elegant of embroideries. An elan dress is perfect for Walima brides because of their modern cuts and silhouettes and the muted down hues.

4. Bunto Kazmi

Pakistani Bridal

Elaborate, traditional and classic are the terms that are used to define Bunto Kazmi’s creations. Each bridal outfit is a specimen of the greatest design skills and exquisite workmanship that is seldom seen in other Pakistani wedding dresses. Her dresses are usually covered in embellishments and have a very classic and vintage feel.

5. Mehdi

Pakistani Bridal Designer

Mehdi is by far one of the most famous bridal designers currently in Pakistan. With a signature style that is easily pointed out as being a Mehdi outfit, he has taken the bridal wear market by storm with a great mix of styles and bold colors that were seldom seen in wedding attire earlier.

6. Nomi Ansari

Pakistani Bridal Dress

Nomi Ansari outfits are bright, bold and colorful. His over the top use of shades such as bright pink and parrot green bring the festivities of a mehndi to mind. He also likes to use a lot of traditional embellishments such as gota and the chatta patti style which again emphasizes his love for all things colorful.

7. Sana Safinaz

Pakistani Bridal Dress

Elegant and sophisticated, Sana Safinaz brides are known for exuding these two qualities. With a very classy sense of style and combinations of color palettes, this dynamic duo has taken over a big part of the Pakistani wedding dresses category and are still going strong.

8. Dr Haroon

Pakistani Bridal

With a style that is very like Bunto Kazmi’s, yet different enough to stand out; Dr Haroon is the dream dress designer for many a Pakistani girl. His traditional looking dresses are a classic and look good on anyone who wears them.

9. Deepak Perwani

Pakistani Dresses

One of the oldest names in the Pakistani fashion industry, Deepak Perwani makes a personal statement with every dress of his. Not only are they uber stylish, they are also timeless pieces that can be worn easily overtime

10. Fahad Hussayn

Pakistani Wedding Dress

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Fahad Hussayn’s bridal dresses are a work of art in their own right. His dresses are elaborate and bold and use the most striking themes from the subcontinent as their base.


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