How to Plan the Ultimate Valentines Day

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According to WIKIPEDIA : Valentines Day is an annual commemoration held on 14th February, celebrating LOVE and AFFECTION between intimate companions.

It is traditionally a day on which lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionary, and sending greeting cards.


Valentines Day is a day, when one can express their LOVE for the person he likes. I don’t think so I have to go into details about this day, because everyone knows about it.

Expressing your LOVE on a particular day makes it more beautiful. Though, it can be expressed any day.

But, this beautiful feeling should be given a day to celebrate it’s purity. The red color, roses, sweets, gifts, etc all in red makes it more beautiful.

RED is a beautiful color, which represents LOVE and rselation with HEART.

So, enjoy this day with true and clear heart. And, express your love on this beautiful day, to make it more beautiful.

Valentines Day starts with new feelings, new hopes, meetings, exchanging of gifts and much more.

There are many things to be given on this day to your loved ones. But, roses play an important role on this day.

Valentines Day is incomplete without roses according to me. With a small gift you can give a bunch of roses to make it more beautiful and filled with smell of love.

Anything can be given on this day, from flowers to chocolates, candles, stuff toy (common gift but very cute) and so on.

It’s not necessary it should have hearts on it or it should be RED, but some love to have gifts with red color to represent this day of love.

One doesn’t have to buy too expensive gifts.

One can buy many small things and make it one big gift. Pack your gifts in a basket, with RED net and RED ribbon around it.

Am I going all RED?

But, it is VALENTINES DAY. And, it’s all about LOVE and, RED is the color which represents LOVE. But, you can be little different like Pinks, Silvers and Golds etc.

Best place to hang out on this day is BEACH, with sound of waves, cool breeze and a walk on sand, makes it so perfect.

It’s not necessary to go for a candle-light dinner. But, again this is the day which makes candle-light dinner a special one.

You can make different places special with your own creative mind, to give it a new style and look. The dinner or lunch on this day should not be in a 5 star hotel, but a place where you can actually feel the love :)

It’s you who has to make it special by your innovative ideas. Because, everyone is special and everyone have different ideas. One done from your heart is always the best one.

That’s all from me. Do let me know that, do you celebrate Valentines Day? How do you celebrate it? And, what did you do to make it special for your loved one? :)

Have an amazing Valentines Day and all the days ahead.

Love Rabeeyah!

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