Wedding Photo-Shoot Places in Pakistan

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In the past few years, wedding photo shoots in Pakistan has seen a growing trend. More and more people are now considering going for photography on their special days. There was a time when it was only limited to elite class or only the people who were passionate to store their wedding memories. But in this day and age, every young couple desires to hire best photographers for their wedding days so that they can put the big days into stunning photographs. To take amazing and awe-inspiring photos, cool and best places are inevitable. A photographer has the skills to turn a simple location photo shoot into a great one, but knowing about some perfect and best wedding photo shoot places in your city or other cities of Pakistan will add a touch of grace and perfection to your special day photography. Here we will talk about some of the best locations in Pakistan that are made just to inspire wedding photographers.

 In general, there are so many places to get your wedding photography done. Lahore has a number of good locations like The Great Iqbal Park, Bahria Town locations, Jahangir Grave, Shahi Mosque and when it comes to other cities you have plenty of choices like Faisal Mosque in Islamabad, Lok Virsa also in the capital, hilly areas in case you are interested and other monumental and architectural places in major cities.

Lahore Fort

The people, who want to make their wedding photography special, can go to Lahore Fort. It’s one of the best places when it comes to taking stunning photographs. The monumental structures, scenery, old and historical architecture and aesthetic landscape in the fort proffer a number of perfect spots for special day photos. Along with that, Shahi Mosque is an additional point where the couples can get excellent textured photos.

Frere Hall

Pakistan is a beauty rich country and if we talk about best photography locations in Karachi, we have many spots to go and try. Hawks Bay, Safari Park, Sea View, French Beach and above all the British era remnant, Frere Hall are the places that impress every photographer. For your big day photo shoot, Frere Hall offers a lot. It represents the culture and will make your photos look beyond perfection.

Jinnah Garden Lahore

As Lahore is said to be the hub of spectacular places, Jinnah Garden is one of them. Thousands of people visit it on a daily basis and its beautiful views, trees, sitting locations and shady paths are great choices to collect some best photographs. The bride and groom will be surprised to see so many locations only in this garden that they can have thousands of pictures without getting a feeling of similarity. Indeed, this is a must-go place if you are planning for amazing wedding photography session.

Des Pardes Islamabad

Frankly speaking, every location in the capital is worth trying for photo shoots but this Mughal era village is a perfect choice. The views, floors, architecture and creative themes make it the best place for fashion, daily life and wedding photography. A number of huts and temples are enough to capture mesmerizing photographs of your special days.

Bahria Town Masjid Lahore

Bahria Town is a symbol of modern housing and architecture. It’s one of the best housing schemes of Asia and its Mosque beats all the beautiful places in Pakistan. We recommend you to visit this place and ask your photographer to take your special day shoots without any second thought. Undoubtedly, this brings you the real beauty in your access.

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