Find Best Pakistani wedding Photographer for couple shoots……..By Mutahir Mahmood

pakistani wedding photographer

Who can save your best moments for rest of your life???

Of course the photographers.

Selecting a good Pakistani wedding photographer is a major task of one’s event. They have a ability to make your event the most memorable and exciting for ever. Bad choice can leave mad memories…..   😐

To make it more simple, here I have interviewed the very energetic Pakistani photographer, Mutahir Mahmood, the master mind behind the O’Shoot. He along with his wife sets the new trends in photography. They have introduced a very new concept of casual couple photography in Pakistan wedding photo shoots.

Have a look to his interview!!!! You would love to know more about O’shoot and their skills.

WP Q1: Please introduce yourself

pakistani wedding

Mutahir Mahmood: O’Shoot is a photography start-up based out of Karachi. We’re a husband/wife duo with no art background! Yes, we’re business graduates from IBA and LUMS and we’re hell bent on changing the industry norms!

We’re also as passionate about music, food and travelling! We believe in Originality and hence O’riginal Shoots – The short version for that is O’Shoot! Needless to say, we are passionate about photography! We enjoy, have fun, get to play with our toys and make some really cool friends along the way!

Our friendship with clients usually lasts after the shoot is over and thats the bond we wish to make with anyone who trusts us to capture the important days of their lives! And oh, we love colors.

WP Q2: Please talk to us about what services do you offer?

pakistani wedding

Mutahir Mahmood: O’Shoot currently has two segments: O’Shoot Photography and O’Shoot Cinematic HD

O’Shoot Photography covers:

  • Weddings
  • Casual Couple / Family Shoots &
  • Photojournalism assignments
  • Our photographs (Fine Arts) are also available to frame! Just choose the picture and we’ll frame it according to your requirements!


We love colors and we believe weddings to be the most colorful events that take place in Pakistan. So yes, we do cover weddings!


Casual Couple Shoots:

Causal Couple Shoots are primarily done before engagement or the big day and the idea is to simply have fun! Every shoot involves a simple theme, a simple concept and a simple gup shup (chit chat) with the couple to get to know their likes / dislikes and that eventually reflects in the pictures we take!

P.S. We have always had a blast and an awesome time doing couple shoots and most of our referrals come from couples who have experienced these sessions.


Photojournalism Assignments

Should a project require research, call us up and we’ll chat more to understand your requirements!


O’Shoot Cinematic HD

O’Shoot Cinematic HD covers video segments. Our love and passion for photography and of course your support has allowed us to keep O’Shoot Cinematic HD completely free at the moment.

Its our aim to bring the wow factor to our work and we keep surprising clients by adding creative event highlight videos for the different weddings we cover.

WP Q3: As a wedding photographer why anyone should use your services?

pakistani wedding

Mutahir Mahmood: Our philosophy is simple. 20 years from now, when you look at your wedding albums/photographs, they should still have the classic, elegant and timeless feel to it, not to mention the WOW factor.

And that’s how we take photographs, in a pure photojournalist style, capturing important moments in a candid documentary fashion while ensuring family group shots are captured as well to preserve the wedding style our forefathers are used to.

WP Q4: Your best tip to our readers regarding your services and how they can avoid common problems and save money?

Mutahir Mahmood:

We truly believe in Value for Money. Our packages are filled with Value-Added Offers. Currently, availing HD videos is an expensive proposition for most of our clients.

We go out of the way arranging videographers for our clients and as a value added offer, throw in our own HD videos covering your event highlights, completely free of charge.

On another note, when the Americans were trying to get to the moon or when the Arabs were building the Burj, they never let money come in their way! While we aren’t rocket scientists, and wouldn’t know what to do with the billions of rupees, but we surely know how to get to the place at the right time with the right lens and the right frame of mind.

The only limit is our imagination. And yours! :-)

WP Q5: Your contact details (website or Face book page etc)

Mutahir Mahmood: If you like our photographs and think they’ll fit in well in your house / corporate office / lobby, just call us or write to us at and we’ll frame it for you!

Face book:


Call us up at 0334-323-4583

Well,,, That’s all about the truly amazing and awsome Pakistani wedding photography.

Now you can make the best decision for your most special events.

Waiting to see your suggestions and queries!!!!!!

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Best Photographer in Karachi for Pakistani weddings……. Tariq AK

Do you have any idea of capturing the greatest moment of your life?

Well it’s nothing else then the eye behind the camera or the hand that clicks.

It’s not at all about covering the wedding event but the best photographers always have the creative sense of capturing the unique and memorable moments that makes you smile through out your life.

Here I have interviewed Tariq AK, very creative photographer from Karachi for Pakistani weddings. He is covering all big cities around Pakistan and famous for his amazing shoots every where.

According to him: his eyes are the best equipments he uses.

He does not only take pictures but he actually gives you the treasures of your wedding moments, the moments which you never think of being captured.

Have a look; you would definitely fall in love with his work!!!!!

WP Q1: Please introduce yourself

Tariq AK: This is Tariq AK , and Tariq AK photography represents my brand name, which actually covers the different dimensions of photography, be it wedding photography, fashion or portrait shoot or some kind of high-end events . I, even enjoy capturing landmarks and nature. I have been in this industry since past 2 years.

WP Q2: Please talk to us about what services do you offer

Tariq AK:

My specialty, like I mentioned above is mainly:

Wedding photography
• Fashion and product photography
• Portraits

WP Q3: Which areas do you cover?

Tariq AK: Karachi is the place of work, but so far I have covered wedding in Peshawar and Lahore and many other cities.

WP Q4: As a wedding photographer why anyone should use your services?

Tariq AK: Wedding being a life time moment so it needs a heart connection to bring out emotions. Therefore, for me it is very important to give wedding couple such memories which they can cherish throughout their lives.

And with due respect to the sentiments of my clients and keeping it in mind that each and every moment of the wedding week is very tender and emotional for the wedding couple and also for their families.

WP Q5: Your best tip to our readers regarding your services and how they can avoid common problems and save money?

Tariq AK: This day preferably comes only once and pictures are considered to be the most vital factor in preserving the memories of your big day.

So humble request would be that don’t just ruin it with some typical camera holder, I guess research is very important when hiring a photographer.

WP Q6: Your contact details

YouTube Preview ImageTariq AK: My fan page  mention below but you can access me via facebook page:

Well, that’s good news for Karachi  people that now they have a good photographer for their special events.

Feel Free to ask any question regarding Pakistani weddings and Pakistani photographers.

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How to Choose the Best Pakistani Bridal Photographer

Do you know how to save your precious wedding moments?

Wedding is the most memorable moment of our life and photography is the best way to save these precious moments so that we can refresh our beautiful memories whenever we feel we want to. Photographs take you back to those special moments and that’s the best thing about them.

Previously, the wedding photography was usually done by any of the family member or friend of the bride with simple or ordinary cameras but the trends have changed with the passage of time.

Now days, people hire professional photographers for covering all their wedding functions from mehndi to valeema. The brides as well as the groom have a complete couple photo session with them in order to get some best pictures.

Selecting the best Pakistani bridal photographer can be a tough job but, I will be mentioning some easy ways to get the best photographer for your wedding. Following are simple steps for choosing the best Pakistani bridal photographer.

1: Start Searching As Soon As Possible

Searching the right photographer for your wedding is the first thing you should do after getting your wedding date fixed as most of the professional wedding photographers have advance booking for even more then 6 months. You can see many magazines for their portfolio.

2: Make a List of Best Pakistani Bridal Photographers

It’s better to make a list of some of the best Pakistani bridal photographers so that you can select the one out of them easily. You may get help from internet, your friends and relatives etc in order to gather information about these photographers.

3: Test Their Skills

Now days, every single photographer has his own official website so you can visit their websites and check their sample work in order to get an insight knowledge about their skills. You may also interview any recent bride that took services of these photographers for her wedding as the old customers are the one who can provide authentic and reliable information about the person.

4: Meet the Photographers

After short listing the best Pakistani bridal photographers, you may meet them personally and ask them about their previous skills, specialty ask for their portfolio and also don’t forget to ask about their photography equipment as they play an important role in getting good photographs.

They also discuss your colors and choice to make you feel comfortable. They also provide services in hall, for those brides that can not visit studios on her wedding; they can make their shoot done in wedding hall.

5: Finalize the Budget and Book your events:

After selecting the photographer which you feel best, you may discuss your budget with him and then simply sign the contract. As far as budget is concerned, most of the photographers have medium to high fee depending on their skills and abilities.

It also depends on the package you take. It includes three days bridal shoot and three days (mehndi, barat, walima) function coverage and video making. Then it all your choice what to book according to your budget and requirement.

6: Some famous Pakistani Bridal photographers:

I have listed five names of famous Wedding photographers. You can find further details about them from their websites or other internet search.

1. Ather Shahzad

2. Afzal’s

3. Afaq

4. Irfan Ahson

5. Shahnawaz studios

Bad photography not only destroys your event but also left bad remarks on your beautiful wedding memories.As pictures are the only way of remembering old memories. So one should be careful in selecting Pakistani wedding photographer.

Do you think photographers play an important role in making your event memorable?



Every one wants to have best photography on his/her wedding to save precious moments and to make long lasting memories. So if you are in UK then you should stop worrying about your wedding photography.

Here is good news for you!

We have interviewed Sheraz Ahmed who is famous for his wedding and fashion photography in UK. He with his talented team is providing quality wedding photography and video services from last many years.

Have a look on below interview we did with him, hope you will like it.


Sheraz Ahmed: My name is Sheraz Ahmed and I am a professional fashion and wedding photographer from Luton Bedfordshire. I established my own company (Pics And Clips) about 5 years ago.


Sheraz Ahmed: We offer services in Photography for events, weddings, fashion, lifestyle. We also design portfolios for different artists. We provide filmography for all the events including weddings, birthday parties etc.


Sheraz Ahmed: We cover all over UK.


Sheraz Ahmed: I think we provide unique and affordable services for everyone. We have customised our packages according to our customers needs so they can be flexible enough to get our quality service.


Sheraz Ahmed. Try our services because we are unique and also we provide the quality work according to modern styles. Our innovation in every event, style of working and moreover the price range makes us very different from other competitors in the market. When we work for you, you will be stress-free, feel more comfortable because of friendly staff and also complete involvement during the event.


Sheraz Ahmed:

My contact details are:

Sheraz Ahmed
Pics And Clips
Your moments, your life.



Phone:  +447984514371

Any one in UK searching for wedding photographer can contact Sheraz Ahmed or visit his website to see more portfolios.

What’s your suggestion? Looking forward to your comments!

Best Photographer for Your Pakistani Wedding Photography Irfan Ahson

An art of making our special events the most memorable is by saving them with the camera CLICKS, Photography.

Pakistani wedding photography is as important as wedding event it self.

To provide some special information about the Pakistani wedding photography we have interviewed an Aitchisonian, Irfan Ahson who was Civil Engineer by profession but natural photography was always his passion.  And now he is very well known for his very natural wedding coverage & shots with his creative mind.

Please find below the short interview we did with him, we hope you will like it.

Q1 WP: Irfan would you please like to introduce yourself?

Irfan Ahson: I am Irfan Ahson, running a photography brand named Irfan Ahson photography. Which is Specializing in fine art portraiture, high end fashion and wedding photo journalism.  I have been doing professional photography from last 6 years. From which I have spent 5 years in USA and 1 year in Pakistan.

Q2 WP: Talk to us about the services you offer. (your specialties etc)

Irfan Ahson: I specialize in:

▪ Fine art portraiture

▪ High end fashion

▪ Wedding photojournalism

Q3 WP: Which areas normally do you cover?

Irfan Ahson: Right now I am providing services in Lahore and Islamabad.

Q4 WP:   As a Photographer why anyone should use your services?

Irfan Ahson: Anyone should experience my services because of my utmost attention to details, candid wedding photojournalism that captures the joys and emotions of the day as opposed to stiff wedding group shots.

Q5 WP: Your best tip to our readers regarding your services and how they can avoid common problems and save money?

Irfan Ahson: Do not take a chance by hiring amateur hobbyists. This day is ideally going to happen only once and pictures are the most important element in preserving the memories of the day.

Q6 WP: How can people contact you?

Irfan Ahson: You can visit my Facebook page to contact me.

I hope this will help you to know the Pakistani wedding photographer Irfan Ahson and his exceptional work.

Share your thoughts! Leave any question you may have regarding Pakistani wedding photography or photographer.