Top Ten Best Wedding Photographers in Islamabad

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 Wedding photography as the name suggests is the photography of all the events and activities that take place during a wedding or a marriage. The idea and the purpose of this type of photography are to relive that one special moment anytime in the future where these photograph work as a time machine to go back to that special day and relive it once more and this feeling is brought out each time you see a wedding photo.

Many youngsters now are pursuing and studying wedding photography closely, however, there is no institution as such but then there are Top photographers in Islamabad. There are many accomplished and well-renowned wedding photographers in Islamabad who really make the most important day of the married couple’s a special one by capturing the best of the best photographs, some of them namely are:-

  1. Jiah’s Photography

Jiah’s photography is a studio in Islamabad who is a social worker as well. The owner of this studio Jiah Khan dies photography projects for the mediocre people who cannot afford to spend a heavy amount on wedding photography in Islamabad for a mediocre price too. This studio is helping all the middle-class people fulfill their dreams of wedding photography.

  1. Rang-E-Zeest

Rang-E-Zeest is a photo studio which has come up with a very brand new idea of signature or pre-marriage photography as well. Since a wedding is just not a one day task, it involves many other events and the preparations for these events are also full of fun and joy. This studio offers to capture those moments also when the preparations are being made through the very good team of Portrait photographers recommended.

  1. Alizeh Photography

The Alizeh Photography studio is a studio which specializes in Professional wedding photography only. This studio is not that old and has been set up recently but it has not failed to create a name for itself because of its fine work and commitment that they show when they are working. This studio is headed by Alizeh Pasha who is extremely skilled and has done a degree in photography and editing.

  1. Farrukh Bhatti Production And Studio

The Farrukh Bhatti production and studio is one of the top-most studios for wedding photography in Islamabad. This studio is always coming up with new ways to shoot weddings and marriages. They are always up to that level of modernism in their photography and are very innovative with their work. The experience of the photographers working here is unquestionable.

  1. Maha’s Design And Photography

This photo studio is also one of the oldest in Islamabad and is located in that same place for several years. This studio not only specializes in wedding photography in Islamabad but also is very famous for their amazing work in video recording too. The way they record the weddings is just so innovative and new that the couple when they see their wedding tape for the first time are just left speechless and a bit insomniac too.

  1. Awais Javed Photography

Awais Javed is one of the most well-renowned photographers in Islamabad. He specializes in wedding photography and also manages events thus he can help you out in planning a wedding. The team of this photo studio plans weddings and marriages and they are especially known for their location shootings.

  1. Coffee Cloud Photography

The Coffee Cloud Photography is one of the most elite photo studios in Islamabad where all the elite and important people appoint them to take charge of their or their family’s marriage and to take Wedding ceremony photography in Islamabad. This studio is so popular that even the people from Pakistan come all the way to get an appointment from this studio. It serves finest services to the finest people.

  1. Iffti’s Photography

The Iffti’s photography is a photo studio which mainly focuses on Professional wedding photography and event photography being one of them. The staffs are always very eager in doing individual projects like weddings and marriage events. The art of filming and photography has changed so much that it is tough to keep a track but here in Iffti’s photography studio all the latest genre is added and the most recent being the candid photography which is just like an icing on the cake in wedding photography.

  1. Qamar Anwar Photography

The Qamar Anwar photography studio is one of the oldest and the finest photography studios in Islamabad which has been creating beautiful pictures of all genres since a long time. This ethnic photography studio has over more than 10 years of experience in both the ground work and the off-ground work they are undoubtedly one of the Top photographers in Islamabad.

  1. Asad Farooq

Asad Farooq is one of the Top Photographers in Islamabad because he is always up to date with the changing trends in wedding photography and has come up with the new concept of candid photography where beautiful moments are caught on the camera without the knowledge of the people. This sums up all the emotions in just one picture and is slowly becoming effective and popular as well. He has traveled across the country and has covered weddings in his camera and is planning to travel abroad as well. He is among one of the busiest photographers in the country so you better be in a haste to book his services.


As the capital city of Pakistan must need a capitalized treatment among other cities, it gets as well in the case of wedding ceremony photography. And, about best photographers for weddings is also solved, as the entire list mentioned above are among the best in the country, and among them, Asad Farooq is arguably the most decorated one in the country.

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