10 Famous Mithai and Fruit baskets shops for Pakistani weddings

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pakistani weddings

If there is Pakistani wedding that is coming up?

Then the celebration will definitely be incomplete without the presence of mithai and fruit baskets.

Every culture has some sort of symbolic practice that goes on to become somewhat of a universal representation. Undoubtedly, at Pakistani weddings this practice comes in the form of mithai baskets.

These sweets decorated in lavishly designed baskets symbolize a strong sense of acceptance and affinity between two or more parties. Mithai itself is such a symbolic representation of celebration that it is distributed even on the simplest of occasions such as a child’s graduation, a member of the family getting a job and even on the birth of a new born baby.

Therefore, it is only understood and widely accepted in our desi communities that at events as significant and monumental as a wedding, mithai would be an integral part of such a celebration.

1: Things to know

pakistani weddings

The mithai or the fruit baskets on your wedding will be a part of the décor so you would want it to look fabulous and taste delicious. Mithai is distributed amongst the guests on mehndi and nikkah and fruit baskets are usually send to each others house therefore, the first step is to know how many guests will be attending the function.

This way you can plan the size and number of mithae and fruit baskets that will be required. For this is the bride’s and the groom’s special day, they want everything to be out of the ordinary and managed properly.

The packaging of the mithae and the fruit basket should fit the theme and style of the wedding thus, ask your designer/planner about the options available and view photos of actual packaging.

Now in designers have many beautiful and unique options for the packings of mihai and fruits especially for Pakistani weddings.

Traditional methai and fruit baskets are still as famous as they were because of their cultural importance.

 Mithai and Fruit baskets shops for Pakistani weddings

2: 10 famous places to buy your Methai and fruit baskets from:

• Nirala

• Gourmet

• Rahat

• Shezan

• Butt Sweets

• Shireen Mehal

• Fazal Sweets

• Fresco Sweets

• Ice land fruits and dry fruits

• Sweet Treats By Z

These are some top fruit and Mithai shops for Pakistani Wedding. Let me know if you want further details on mithai and its packaging.

Now it is your turn of sharing some new ideas and your experiences.

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