Wedding Cakes in Pakistan

We have been observed that Pakistanis are blindly following few foreign fashion trends and one of these trends is wedding cakes in Pakistan.  The way foreigners have adopted our traditional wedding themes, similarly, Pakistanis are also following foreigners’ wedding themes and wedding cakes are one of the important foreign wedding themes. Now Pakistanis have started giving so much concern to Continue Reading

Family Wedding Duties in Pakistani Wedding Celebrations

Weddings are a great occasion in every corner of the world! Gorgeous Pakistan is no different. A wedding in Pakistan is bright, rich in culture and tradition, vivid in color and bursting with family! With never-ending festivities, a Pakistani wedding is a must-see at least once-in-a-lifetime. Any Pakistani wedding is sure to see a houseful of guests from all over the world – parents, grandparents, Continue Reading

New Pakistani Wedding Trends

Now weddings have not been remained an event to celebrate a bride and grooms especial day. The indication of the word wedding has changed in Pakistan and so as new Pakistani wedding trends have brought a completely new festivity in the wedding events. From the scheming and matching of the dress colors to the unification of the flowers arrangement, chairs and tables’ closets, stage décor, lighting Continue Reading

Gorgeous Layered Hair Styling for Weddings In Pakistan

Beauty in a woman is a blend of every stuff she uses to beautify herself.  Hair leaves a great impact on the looks of the lady. Hairstyle and hair cut it be every face structure needs to be endowed accordingly; as per contrasting well with the skin tone, face cut, height and of course the event, it is for. Are you fond of your hair really short or do you want enchanting evening features? You Continue Reading

Weddings In Pakistan

A wedding is the most special occasion of one’s life and the biggest festivity. It is not only a great ‘dress up’ occasion for the bride and groom but everyone who is a direct or an indirect part of the wedding. Pakistani weddings are a roller coaster ride with lots of celebrations, tensions, arguments, emotions and of course, food. Starting with the number of occasions, a regular wedding in Continue Reading