Wedding Cakes in Pakistan

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We have been observed that Pakistanis are blindly following few foreign fashion trends and one of these trends is wedding cakes in Pakistan.  The way foreigners have adopted our traditional wedding themes, similarly, Pakistanis are also following foreigners’ wedding themes and wedding cakes are one of the important foreign wedding themes. Now Pakistanis have started giving so much concern to the wedding cakes. Brides and Grooms have now celebrated their relationship either on their Barat or Walima by cutting a cake together that really seems one of the exotic and most cherished moment not only for the bride and groom but also for all the relatives and friends who are their actual well-wishers.

These surprising cakes sometimes make by the groom himself or their relatives order the cakes and bring it on the wedding day or Walima to celebrate their relationship and to create a real fun to make their special day more special and pinnacle their happiness. These special wedding cakes are of different kinds. When most of the couples cut the cake on their Walimas they mostly prefer white with a loud or a vivacious color like Dark Blue, that you can see in the above image. Some people like to have the only white wedding cake with any exciting color flowers and beads to give it classic look.

The beautiful two, three, four and even more layers cake and the traditional art and designs on the cakes have given them traditional yet trendy look that attracts several people.

The white themed wedding cakes or light colors wedding cakes are mostly used on the Walima ceremony to give the guests a sweet treat from the two who tie knots and plan to live rest of their lives with each other. The idea of giving a treat with wedding cake is almost celebrating in all over the world and now including in Pakistan. There are different kinds of wedding cakes such as:

Customized wedding cakes:

The term customization has been largely used these days; people customized their shirts with any quotes, pictures of their favorite personalities and even with their family pictures. The term customization is not only used on the apparels, but it can be used on the cups, cushions, pillows, mobile covers and even on the wedding cakes. The pictures that are used for the customization are eatable. The pictures of the bride and groom can be easily customized on the cakes to make them modish.

Shimmery wedding cakes:

Another type of cakes that are most commonly used on the wedding days is known as Shimmery wedding cakes.

These cakes are decorated with special shimmer that is also eatable and also with the beautiful floral patterns of different colors to make them eye-catching. This type is not very common yet looks very elegant and must be tastier. 

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