Weddings In Pakistan

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A wedding is the most special occasion of one’s life and the biggest festivity. It is not only a great ‘dress up’ occasion for the bride and groom but everyone who is a direct or an indirect part of the wedding. Pakistani weddings are a roller coaster ride with lots of celebrations, tensions, arguments, emotions and of course, food.

Pakistani Weddings

Pakistani Weddings

Starting with the number of occasions, a regular wedding in Pakistan does not end in a single day but ranges from a week or two. Dholki, Mayun, Mehendi, Nikkah, Baraat, Valima, Chauthi, and the endless parties for the newly married couple are a must. The tragic scene continues with deciding on the theme of each event, venue, food items to be served, dresses to wear and other tiny details that every Pakistani is particular about.

Mehndi In Pakistan

Pakitani Wedding Mehndi

Not only these events, but the traditions that are associated with these functions are fun and interesting. Pakistanis know exactly how to make the most out of something. Be it a celebration for something as little as winning a cricket match against colleagues or a grand wedding ceremony. ‘Sehra bandhi’, ‘Joota chupai’, ‘Ungli pakrai’, ‘Singing and dance competition’ are a few fun traditions that take place in a typical Pakistani wedding.

Of course, a wedding is followed by honeymoon trips for the bride and groom. Read about the famous honeymoon hotels in Pakistan of 2015.

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