10 Most Important Things to be considered in selecting Pakistani Wedding Dress

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10 most important things

Are you worried for your Pakistani wedding dress? If yes, then you must keep in mind certain things before buying the wedding dress. The wedding dresses Pakistani are totally different from those used in other parts of Asia.

Pakistani wedding dresses are more traditional that depicts our beautiful culture. Following are the 10 most important things you must look in your Pakistani wedding dress.

1. Bright color combinations
2. Use of jewels or embroidery
3. Depicts the culture
4. Have proper fitting
5. Have stylish and elegant look
6. Should be comfortable
7. Within your budget
8. Have good quality fabric
9. According to the season
10. Trendy

A good wedding Pakistani dress is the one that has all the above mentioned features in it. If we discuss each feature in the list one by one then first comes the bright color combination.

Unlike European wedding dresses that only use white color, the wedding dresses Pakistani are very bright and colorful. A good color combination can change the overall look of the dress. You can use any of the bright colors like different shades of red, pink and green.

Another unique thing about wedding dresses Pakistani that differentiates it from all other dresses is the art work done on them. The Pakistani wedding dresses are full of Sequins, patchwork, tiny mirrors, Zari embroidery, Zardosi, kundan and pearl beadwork.

Whenever you go for buying a wedding dress Pakistani then you must keep your specific culture in your mind. For instance, there are various areas of Pakistan in which the people still don’t like sleeveless wedding dresses or the use of black and white color in the wedding dress so you must buy that wedding dress that truly depicts your culture.

When we talk with respect to the overall look of the dress than the fitting plays a very important role. You should check the fitting of the wedding dress before buying as too much tight or loose wedding dress does not looks good.

Wedding is an important occasion of your life so you have full right to look beautiful on it. Instead of buying too simple or plain dress, you should buy the wedding dress that is stylish and elegant after all it’s your marriage.

I have personally seen various girls who select the wedding dress having too much embroidery on it such as on its lahnga or dupata but it becomes difficult for them to carry such a heavy dress on the wedding day so always select the wedding dress that is comfortable.

The most important thing is to keep you in the budget. Before going for the shopping, you should decide the approximate budget for the wedding dress and then do shopping accordingly. You may do a little variation in the budget.

A wedding dress only looks beautiful and elegant when it has a good quality fabric so you must check the fabric of the wedding dress before buying it. You should also select the fabric according to the wedding season. If your wedding is going to happen in summer then prefer to select a relatively lighter fabric.

Your wedding dress should depict the current trends and fashion so you must select that wedding dress which is up to date, otherwise you will look strange in the crowd.

These are some of the tips that may help you in buying comfortable yet traditional Pakistani wedding dress. If this list has anything missing then you may let us know.

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  1. Rida khan says

    well article is good Amna, for those who wants to know about pakistani wedding culture/dress. you can put some more information which shud be considered.

    • Anonymous says

      Thank you Rida. you can add more information and points to my list. What else you think should be considered?

  2. ALI KHAN says

    Thanx maa’m for putting me wise…. I am going to marry soon and was little confuse in selecting best choices but thaanx you alot maa’m…. after reading all the stuff , now i am quiet comfortable in selecting the best……. wish you the best

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