5 Amazing Tips To Arrange Mehndi At Home

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mehndiAre you organizing a Mehndi ceremony at home?

Mehndi is a pre-wedding function usually organized by Bride’s family and it is primarily a women’s function.

Making arrangements in advance can help ensuring that the event goes off smoothly. Here are some tips on what needs to be done.

1-Do you have enough space to accommodate your guest?

The most important thing to arrange a mehndi at home is to make sure you have enough space at home to organize this event. The plus point of arranging an event at home is that you get all home facilities.

2- Prepare a guests list:-

The next step is to prepare a guest list to get an idea of the exact number of guests who will be there for the function. Also your event doesn’t get over crowded.

3- Organize the Caterer:-

The best thing to arrange a mehndi at home is that you can get better quality and quantity of food then you can get in halls. It is important to plan a menu keeping in mind the kind of event and number of guests.

4- Bling Bling!!

Think of a style and theme you want to set for the mehndi. Decorate the place with fresh flowers. And make sure you provide the home with enough lightening as it is a mehndi event.

5- Plan the entertainment:-

Since Dholak and Music is a part of tradition when it comes of celebrating a mehndi event. Make sure you have proper music arrangements and have complete entertainment accessories.

With these tips you can plan ahead to ensure that every thing is perfect and that the bride has a fun day in the company of whom she loves!

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