5 Ways to DIY Your Pakistani Wedding

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Weddings in Pakistan are grand affairs with oodles being spent on anything and everything pertaining to making the big day special. But sometimes, the little things that make up the big picture can be personalized according to your own tastes and budget. All you need is a little imagination, sometime and the will to make your wedding unique and more like you.

DIY is not an easy task, and given the number of people invited to Pakistani weddings, it is an extremely daunting task to make personalized wedding cards or favor boxes. But centerpieces and decor elements are a great option.

Here are a few ideas to make your wedding stand out and show your own personality:

Money Boxes:

Does your mother want to carry a sleek clutch to your wedding but is worried about all the money-stuffed envelopes she’ll have to carry on the main day? Why not create a custom money box and save her the headache and hand-ache.

Some cardboard boxes, wrapping paper and some ribbons and glitter. Voila, you have a personalized decor element that actually has a use!


pakistani wedding planners

Why not give your selfie-loving friends the chance to click all they want on your wedding? Set up a themed photobooth to let them go crazy taking pictures.

A lot of photo booths have quirky signs and props so that the guests can go all out with the silliness. Add a polaroid camera or two, and your friends can keep souvenirs too!


wedding planners in pakistan

The right decor will make your wedding an affair to be remembered. And if you DIY your own centrepieces, they are likely to attract attention by being different. Since there are only a limited number of tables, you can easily create stunning centrepieces with a few household items like jars, cans, paint and other bits and bobs.

Mehndi Stage:

pakistani weddings mehndi

Spending thousands of rupees on the stage seems like a waste of money but in Pakistan, wedding stages have to be stunning in order to have the ultimate impact. But sometimes, it is possible to not only cut down costs but also ensure bragging rights by setting up your own stage.

Elaborate floral arrangements are not the only option for mehndi stages anymore. And since the mehndi is a smaller function, with lots of fun and color, why not add the oomph to your wedding by doing the stage yourself. Candles, fairy lights and swashes of multi-colored fabrics are your best bet. Prepare to be lavished with praise!

Doodh-Pilai glass:

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The doodh-pilai ceremony is an important part of Pakistani wedding traditions. The bride’s friends and relatives offer a glass of milk to the groom and then ask him for money. There are a number of options for the glasses available in the market but most of them are garish and cheap looking.

Designing and decorating your own doodh-pilai glass will give the ceremony an added personal touch!


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