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By Le Reve: designer cakes

Cake: a sign of celebration, happiness and joy. It is now becomes an enjoyable part of Pakistani weddings too. The cake cutting ceremony is now considered as a best part of Pakistani wedding to celebrate happiness and to make a wedding day more memorable. It’s not just a cake it really helps!

So usually on reception day Bride and groom celebrates in a wedding hall or sometimes when they go back home then this cake cutting ceremony happens.

Here we have interviewed a very well-known and creative cake designer Leena Wasim (master mind behind Le Reve). She has given the cakes entirely beautiful and tempting look by using diverse and unique ideas. She can actually make your wedding more romantic and sweet with her hand crafted customised designs.

Hope you would love the below interview.

Q1 WP:  Please introduce yourself (Your Name, your company name, what you do, how long you are doing etc)

Le Reve: My name is Leena Wasim, and I’m the CEO and Chef of the bakery Le Rêve. I set this business in the summer of 2010 with the help of my husband,and family. They’ve been an essential part of this venture and it wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for their help and support.

I also have this very strong interest in crafts and arts which I used to express through photography and paintings a while back. Le Rêve is a way through which I can fulfil both these passions of mine and as the name explains in french, it’s the dream I always believed in.

Q2 WP: Please talk to us about what services do you offer (your specialties etc)

Le Reve: Well for now, Le Rêve is all about confectionary products. From simple cupcakes and brownies to elegant and majestic wedding cakes, Le Rêve offers it all.

We got our own brand of chocolates which we sell individually! Brownie pops (brownies in a lollypop avatar) are another one of our most unique and asked for products.

What we usually do is, we ask for the interests of the person the cake is being made for and then incorporate them into the cake or cupcakes being made. We don’t use real props; everything on the cake is edible and carefully sculpted by hand.

Q3 WP:  Which areas do you cover? (If applicable)


Le Reve: For now it’s just Lahore. But we’re working on getting some sort of agreement with various courier services so that we can some send cakes safely to customers in Karachi and Islamabad.

Q4 WP:  As a wedding cake designer why anyone should use your services?


Le Reve: The work speaks for itself. The best part is, every single cake is custom made. I always involve the customer into the making of the cake. I get all their ideas in the mix and work from there. But as much as I love focusing on the aesthetics of the cakes, I never compromise on the taste and flavour.

Q5 WP:  Your best tip to our readers regarding your services and how they can avoid common problems and save money

Le Reve:
I would say that take your time and ask us any questions regarding prices and size servings. You don’t want to order a cake which is too big or too small for the occasion. So the best tip on avoiding problems is: ask questions and if it’s done over the phone, even better!

Q6 WP: Will we see an outlet in Le Rêve’s future?

Le Reve: InshAllah. We’re working on something these days and you all will hear about it soon. And we promise that it’ll be unlike any other bakery you’ve seen in Pakistan.

Q7 WP: Your contact details (website or Facebook page etc)


Le Reve: We have our ever growing portfolio on face book.

Go to: and see all that we have to offer! It’s a very interactive page so feel free to give us any suggestions or ask any questions if you like!

For orders or detailed questions call us at: 0331-4489992. WOW….. Its Mouth watering!

Best fact is to believe is that you can eat every décor of the cake, its all edible cake lovers! No problem there you can eat a shoe, a doll, a house or a flower.

Feel free to ask any question regarding cakes and other Pakistani Wedding services.

About Amna

Amna is an experienced wedding planner and the founder of Making Memories Event & Interior Designers. Amna always has an alternative plan, “A Failure is a word unknown”

Best Advice: Always list down your requirements and your imaginations as its your most special day.....


  1. Sadozai says

    love love love leenas work, she doesnt just bake a cake she creates a masterpiece !! And absolutely delicious as well! Good luck !

    • Anonymous says

      Thank you Sadozi for sharing your Le reve’s experience with us.

  2. Anonymous says

    Thank you Irum for stopping by. You can visit their above given face book page for further details.

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