Some Things that Make Perfect and Matchless Pakistani Wedding

Pakistani weddings have diversity in wedding functions, its celebration and making it perfect. The sub-continental part of the world has some unique and perfect weddings that people remember for years and love attending such weddings. Us Pakistanis love weddings and have the great inclination to enjoy these moments when two people get married, enthusiastically. If you want to know what’s that Continue Reading

Pakistani Wedding Themes‏ In 2016

How time flies! Tomorrow's my wedding, everything should be downright perfect. Dream of every single bride and groom.  So, with a bisque of La Roche e Lightning, we present u with some of the most awaited Pakistani Wedding Themes in 2016 that will be revered till forever.  1. Themes & Dressing: For the mehndi night, with a touch of yellowish, make it wonderful by rocking at the Continue Reading

Tips To Have The Perfect Wedding

Wedding planning is a huge task and your mind starts running as soon as the wedding dates are decided. You might stress yourself to get things perfect, but that might make you do things that you wanted to avoid. You don’t have to worry as long as we, your wedding consultants, are here to help. There are probably a very few people who don’t dream about having a celebrity like weddings. We all want Continue Reading

Must Tips for Pakistan Weddings Stage Decoration

When it comes to the Pakistani weddings, both the boy and girl get excited about a new happy life. Every culture has some traditional and religious restrictions, and they have to perform wedding ceremony in those limits. Everyone who is getting married wants to make the wedding an amazing and memorable event. There are various wedding functions in Pakistan and the most important among all is the Continue Reading

Wedding Planners in Pakistan

Pakistani weddings are grand with elaborate decorations and delicious menus. But planning them can be a hassle not everyone is up for. Now, It is not difficult to select Wedding Planners in Pakistan. Pakistan has some very capable and talented wedding planners to take care of all your needs.EventoxsOne of Islamabad’s favorite event planning companies, Eventoxs offer complete solutions for your Continue Reading