The Four Types of Quintessential Pakistani Wedding Dresses

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Weddings are a pivotal part of a woman’s life, where she embarks on a new journey with a new family, and the beginning of this journey starts with the wedding day itself. Every girl dreams of looking the absolute best on her wedding day and that is where the need for beautiful Pakistani wedding dresses comes in. Brides the world over wear a special dress to symbolize the auspicious day. Every culture has a different norm but all dresses are ethereal and fit for princesses. In Pakistan brides wear dresses that are heavily embellished and embroidered with beads, threads, sequins and other adornments.. This post will highlight the different types of Pakistani wedding dresses that can be chosen by you for your big day.

Different Types of Pakistani Bridal Dresses


Pakistani Bridal  Dress

Lehnga is a traditional Pakistani bridal dress liked by most of the brides. It is something that is worn most of the times and is the quintessential wedding dress for a Pakistani girl. The outfit basically constitutes of three pieces i.e. A shirt, a dupatta and a lehenga. Lehnga is a type of skirt that is fitted from the hips and spreads out downwards. The diameter of the hemline depends on the choice of the bride and the amount of flare she wants to go with. It can be made from yards and yards of fabric, or the diameter could be kept at a minimum, according the bride’s wishes. Lehengas usually touch the floor and give a beautiful look to the bride.


Pakistani Wedding Dresses

Angarkhas are also a very popular choice for brides who are looking to wear something other than a lehnga or gharara. They are much more easier to carry and since it is more of a salwar kameez style it can be easily worn on other events too without looking too over the top. The kurta can be designed exactly according to the bride’s wishes whereas the trouser is most often plain.

The most common of the Angrakha style is the frock with a slit a little of the centre of the front. These shirts are usually paired with tight trousers or chooridar pyjamas that make them look even more flowy. There is a lot of fabric that goes into the making of this dress and the more flare that it has, the more stylish it is considered. Girls look beautiful with this dress on, since the fall of the fabric makes them look very elegant and graceful. Twirling in this sort of a dress is also a lot of fun and looks really pretty.



Pakistani Bridal Dresses

One of the most beautiful and ethnic style of Pakistani wedding dresses is the gharara. This dress also is in three piece variety which is made up of the dupatta, sharara and small kurta. Kurta is fitted perfectly and embroidered with tilla zari and dabka work and sometimes also has beads, laces and sequins while the gharara is the bottom part made of two legs. Each leg has a perfect fitting from thighs and then flares out from the knees. The shirt or kurta usually ends right where the flare starts, almost above the knees and the head is covered by a long dupatta, also heavily adorned.

Shalwar kameez

pakistani shalwar kameez

Shalwar kameez is the national dress of Pakistan and is the most commonly worn dress in Pakistani wedding dresses. In most regions of the country brides like to wear shalwar kameez because of the ease of carrying the outfit. The length of kameez these days is varied. Some designer clothes feature the popular long shirts while others have gone towards shorter shirts. Salwar is also available in different varieties of styles such as patiala salwar and trouser forms too.

The designer wedding wear category also feature classy salwar kameez designs that are beautifully adorned with stone work, motifs, dabka and shading of zari, tilla and naqshi work.


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