Grooms Checklist, Tips and Suggestions for the Pakistani wedding

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pakistani wedding

Are you or your friend is a groom to be?

Then you must take help by this checklist.

Wait a minute as there are many things that need your attention. If you want to make your wedding a perfect one then you must consider every minute thing that may affect your wedding.

As Groom unlike brides have many responsibilities on wedding day so I have specially made a checklist for all the grooms so that you may not forget anything.

1. Selecting The budget

Many grooms have to look after their wedding arrangements and finance by their selves.

So it is very important to note down your needs and make your budget. It will not only makes your work easy but also you would exactly know that how much you are spending on which stuff? So make and set your budget as per your requirements.

2. Selecting a wedding dress

An other thing you need to do is to select a wedding dress for all the wedding functions including mayo, mahndi, barat and walema. You may select a combination of traditional and modern wear for your wedding. Some of the most common Pakistani wedding dresses include shalwar kameez, sherwani, three piece suits etc.

3. Other accessories

The next thing is to select the most appropriate shoes and socks for all your wedding occasions that best suit your wedding dress. Khusa is the most traditional shoe in this regard but you may also go with other modern shoes according to your liking and preference.

You also need to select the side items such as handkerchief, tie cufflinks and other related items.

4. The Salon services

Another important task is to go to the men’s salon for getting a haircut and facial treatments including a good shaving, bleach, cleansing, manicure and pedicure etc. Don’t ignore it boys its really important!

5. Gift For The Bride and for the guests

It is the most important task which must be done very carefully. The gift you give to other represents your personality so try to give a unique gift to your bride that differentiates you from others. Most of the groom’s focuses on the price then the style which is not a good practice.

The exchanging of gifts between the bride and the groom family is a beautiful tradition as it strengthens the relationship. The groom also has to make some arrangement for the gifts of the bride’s family.

The engagement and wedding ring is the essential part of wedding without which the whole wedding remains incomplete. You may take the bride to the market so that she can select the ring of her own choice. It will save your time and will also make bride happy.

6. Arranging the Walema

Well another important task is to arranging the Walema ceremony. For this you need to be very careful as it’s the only wedding function from groom’s side. So select the nearest place from you and bride’s families place.

Check the food and service quality, and then finally select the florist or wedding decorator for hall décor and floral arrangement. Hire the good wedding planner for this purpose.

7. Car and room arrangements

Many people like to hire the wedding car and to book the hotel rooms for 1 to 2 days of event but others take their own new car and select their own room. So what ever you do you have to plan before the time. The car/ room décor is important in both the cases.

You can ask your floral decorator to do so. And any of your close friend or relative can take the responsibility to look after these tasks.

8. Bid Arrangement

Arranging the Bid is very necessary yet traditional custom of Pakistani weddings. Now there are many different and stylish bid packing options in markets. You can select any company or designer for bid and bid packing according to your budget.

9. Honeymoon Arrangements

Confirm the booking for the honeymoon right after the fixing of wedding date so that everything goes well at the end. The selection of place for the honeymoon depends on your budget. You may either visit the northern areas of Pakistan of can also take your bride to the other country for the honeymoon. So plan on time.

10. Sehra Bandi and Barat departure Time

Now finally you have to manage the guests for barat departure. And that should be on time other wise late departure would harm you at the end. Don’t forget you are responsible for many other duties on next day. So arrange the Sehra bandi rasam on time and make sure the departure of barat as soon as possible.

Finally, you have to get ready on the wedding day and reach the marriage hall at the right time.

These are only a few things that must be done by the groom. Other things may include physical fitness and visiting the skin specialist in case of any skin problem etc.

You are also welcome to give your suggestions……

Looking forward to see your comments!!!!!!!!!!!

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