How Can I Buy a Pakistani Bridal Dress within My Budget

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pakistani bridal dress

Are you worrying for your Bridal dress budget? Just have a look!

Wedding is one of the most traditional and cultural event in which the bride’s main priority is to look beautiful and elegant. The bride and groom is the centre of attention in marriage ceremony so they become extra conscious about their looks, dress and other accessories.

The brides particularly want to look different from normal brides. The bridal dress is the main thing which depicts the beauty and attractiveness of the bride.

The bride starts visiting shops and take time for various designers a month or more before marriage. All they want is a an attractive wedding dress having delicate work and high quality material but the bridal dresses having all these things also have greater prices.

1: Buying a Pakistani Bridal Dress in Budget

Although, most of the women spend money blindly on their wedding dresses but still some of them have tight budget and they have to adjust themselves in that limited budget. If you are also one of these brides then you may get a perfect bridal dress within your budget by using the following means.

2: Look For standard Embroidery

Most of the bridal dresses are expensive due to extensive embroidery and art work done on them. These dress although looks beautiful but they are very difficult to carry so you may find a bridal dress that has average embroidery and art work on it.

3: Lahnga is Not Necessary

80% of the brides prefer to wear lahngas kurti on the first day of wedding but you may also go for sarees, Flappers, as well as, pishwas/Angrakha. These dresses look magnificent and they are relatively cheaper than the traditional lahnga and kurti.

4: Visit different outlets

Don’t forget to visit different designer shops and other wedding dresses shops. You will find the ideas to design your dress and in this way you would also come to know about the latest trends and designs.

5: Design Your Bridal Dress by Yourself

If you have a limited budget but you don’t want to compromise on the design or stuff of your bridal dress then you may design your bridal dress by yourself. The women naturally have good esthetic sense.

What you have to do is to get a good quality fabric or stuff from the market and give it to any of the local designers available in the market.

As far as design or embroidery is concerned so you may select any design by looking different bridal dresses on internet. The local designers are relatively cheaper the professional designers but they are equally efficient in their work. In this way, you can get your Pakistani bridal dress within your budget.

6: Ask For Discounts

If you prefer to get the designer’s wear for your wedding then you may find an appropriate designer that can give you discount on your wedding dress. Moreover, there are large numbers of designers who ask for your budget before designing a wedding dress for you so you may tell your budget to them.

They are well experienced so they can easily make a wedding dress of your choice within your budget.

These are some of the ways by which you can get Pakistani bridal dress for your wedding at minimum budget.

What do you suggest? Share your experience with all!

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  1. Sana khan says

    beautiful dresses… post is also informative and i totally agree that lehnga is not important.

    • Anonymous says

      Thank you Sana….. have you read my other blogs.. all are very informative. Hope you will like them.

  2. Ayesha says

    very helpful as usual. Keep writing good stuff.

    • Anonymous says

      Thank you Ayesha…. Keep commenting and sharing our posts.

  3. zari faheem says

    hi. i frm malaysia. my future husband from pakistan. we would like to make a wedding in malaysia but very hard to get a lehengga purely from pakistan here. normally thy sell wedding dress from india & i don’t like it. our wedding not make my future-in-law happy so thy not attend & not give anything from their side.. i feel very sad.. how can i buy pakistani lehengga?

  4. Amna_ijaz says

    Thanks alot…. And im glad to know that you found my blog post informative.
    keep sharing

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