How to Plan a Mehndi in Pakistan

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Are you preparing for your wedding?

If yes, then you must plan different things for every single event of the whole wedding. Although some people also do mayoon but mostly the celebrations of Pakistani weddings starts with the mehndi function.

It is one of the most colorful and traditional event that consists of various things but the most important thing is to apply the mehndi on the hands and foot of the bride.

1: Mehndi Rasam:

While planning the mehndi in Pakistan, don’t forget to hire a professional mahndi artist as apart from the bride, all the guests that are being invited will also need to apply mahndi on their hands.

Although, the professional mehndi artists use beautiful designs and patterns of mahndi but there charges are also relatively high so you may take the services of that mahndi artist which falls within your budget.

Some beauticians offer a complete package for the brides in which they not only do makeup on the wedding day but also apply mehndi so if your makeup artist also offers any such package then you may call her for applying the mehndi.

Sometimes this duty is being given to any of the friends or relative of the bride as most of the girls know the art of applying mehndi. If you also have any such friend then its good as it will decrease your cost and you can spend this money on anything else.

2: Mehndi Decor:

Decoration of the place where the whole mehndi function is being done is also very important as the photographers have to take pictures of your mehndi and pictures only look beautiful when they have attractive background. Traditional mehndi decoration looks awesome. Using green, yellow, orange colors gives outstanding ambiance.

But now people are also using complimentary colors like Red, Blue and Turquoise.

3: Florists & Decorators:

You need to hire any interior decorator or event organizer for decorating the main place. If you have booked hall for your mehndi then it’s even better as they also offers good decoration packages.

4: Sitting Arrangement for Mehndi:

Apart from the decoration of the stage, you also need to make proper sitting arrangement for the guests. If it is a mixed gathering then you have to figure out a bigger place for the mehndi.

5: Music and Dance:

The function of mehndi is also famous due to the music played on this occasion. The friends and relatives of bride as well as groom sing different songs and also play various musical instruments such as dholki so while planning the mehndi in Pakistan; you should also make some arrangement for the music.

These are some of the suggestions for planning a mehndi in Pakistan.

Do you have any other ideas for making this event more colorful and joyous? Then do share with us.

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